Urea N46

I only require Number of MT needed, Target Price, Port of Delivery and time frame.

Product: Granular and Prilled UREA 46%
Nitrogen: 46% min.
Moisture: 0,05 to 0.30% max by method of drying
Biuret: 1% max
Free ammonia 160 pxt, ppm max.
Granulation: 1 - 4 mm,90% - 94% min
Color: standard white foam, odorless or pure white Prilled
Odor threshold: un-available
Free flowing 100% anti-caking treated
Melting point 132 degree Celsius
Boiling point decomposing before boiling point
Hazardous ingredients: none
Urea: 100% urea
Physical state: solid @ 20 CAND 101kps, white granules
Specific gravity: solid at 20 C - 1.335 T/M3
Vapor density: n/a
Floatability/water: sinks and mixes
Molecular weight: 60.065
Ash: 0.3% max
Fisper: 0.3 max dryer
Physical: 100% free from harmful substance, impurities&dust radiation:
Certified non-radioactive

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Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.WP 101
Place Of OriginUkraine, Baltic Sea
Packaging50KG Bags
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentL/C
Supply AbilityUp to 5,000,000 MT
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