Urea N 46, Cement Opc 42.5, Furnace Oil

Product : Prilled urea 46
Quantity : Minimum 25000 MT per shipment
Port of loading: To be specified by the buyer
Port of discharge: Any sea port
Price:132usd per MT CIF
Payment : Letter of credit at sight
Performance bond: 2%
Packing : In bulk
Origin : CIS country (ukraine & russia)
Inspection : Sgs inspection mentioning quality &
Quantity at sellers cost
Specification:46% prilled
Quality: Standard export quality
Nitrogen:46% by weight minimum
Moisture:0.5% max fisper/0.3% max dryer
Biuret:1% max by weight
Anti-caking agent: Treated against anti-caking
Free ammonia:160 pkt, ppm max
Granulation:1-4mm 90% lesser than 2mm 1%
Greater than 3mm 4%
Melting point:132 degrees celsius
Color: Standard white or pure white prilled
Free from: Harmful substances
Radiation: Certified fully- non radioactive 100% free

Cement opc 42.5

( according to british standards 12/1996 or ASTM c-150) specifications

Chemical composition

Silicon dioxide (sio2) 21.00
Aluminium oxide (a12o3) 5.30
Ferric oxide (fe2o3) 3.30
Calcium oxide (cao) 65.60
Magnesium oxide (mgo) 1.10
Sulphur trioxide (so3) 2.70
Loss of ignition (loi) 0.90
Tricalcium silicate (c3s) 60.00
Dicalcium silicate (c2s) 15.00
Tricalcium aluminate (c3a) 8.05
Tricalcium alumino ferrice (c4af) 9.76

Physical and mechanical properties

Blain cm2/gr 3.250
Autoclave expantion 0.02
Initial setting time (vicat) 105 minutes
Final setting time (vicat) 135 minutes

Compressive strength

@ 03 days 230 KG/cm2

@ 07 days 305 KG/cm2

@ 28 days 420 KG/cm2

Price: Below 1 million MT @ 64 USD per MT
Above 2 million MT @ 54 USD per MT
Above 5 million MT @ 48 USD per MT negotiable upon succesfull sighting of original LOI & bcl.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C at sight
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UreaWe sell urea prilled, different amount and prices. Only serious buyer please. Real business.