Below are the price of urea we are offering.
Commodities: Urea n46% prilled
Origin: Ukraine, russia, or seller's choice
Packing: Bulk/50kg

Nitrogen 46.0% minimum
Moisture (1) 0.5% maximum (fisher method)
Moisture (2) 0.3% maximum method of drying friability 100
Biuret 1.0% maximum by weight
Free ammonia 160 pxt ppm maximum
Prill 95.0% maximum
Melting point 132 degrees centigrade
Color pure white
Granulation 1-4 mm 90.0% minimum
Anti-caking agent 0.5% maximum
Physical prilled, free flowing,100% treated against caking and free from harmful substances.
Radiation certified non-radioactive

1/we don't accept non-transferable lc
Documents required: Proper loi with banking information
And permission for soft probe or loi with bcl or icpo with banking information and permission for soft probe.

2/please note: Brokers/traders must not send
Unqualified documents as this will delay the process and be

3/performance bond 2% only. Please do not insist on higher pb.

4/)we do not provide samples

5/we need loi with fresh bcl to provide a fco

Please feel free to contact us

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.1
Place Of OriginTunisia
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentL/C
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