Urea 46%n, Carbamide, Carbonyldiamide, Prilled, Gost 2081-92

Only annual contracts only
Chemical indexes:
1. Nitrogen 46.6% by weight min.
2. Moisture 0.5% max
3. Biuret 1% by weight
4. Fisper 0.35 max
5. Anti-caking agent 0.5% max
6. Free ammonia 160 pxt ppm max
7. Prill 95% max
8. Granulation dimension from 1-4 mm:90% min
9. Dimension lessthan 1 mm: Absence
10. Melting point @ 132 degree centigrade
11. Color pure white
12. Odor threshold odorlees or slight ammonia
13. Boiling point decomposes before bioling
14. Hazardous ingredients none according to controlled product regulations

Physical indexes:
1. Non-clotted 100% free from harmful substances
2. Internationally accepted standard for urea 46% prilled
3. Free floating, treated with anti-caking treatment
4. Free from impruties, sand, dust and certified non radioactive
5. Physical state solid @ 20 cand 101kps, white granules
6. Spacific gravity solid @ 20 degrees centigrade
7. Vapor density not applicable, floatability/water sinks and mixes
8. Molecular weight 60.065

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.GOST 2081-92
Place Of OriginRussia
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentL/C
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