Urea 46 Fertilizer

UREA 46% N Prilled

We are direct to manufacturers and suppliers of Urea 46% N, Prilled and Granular.

As Mandate, we are in a position to offer the best prices and have unrivalled access to large quantities of commodities.

Only serious requests from end buyers or their mandates will be answered.

Origin: Ukraine, Russia
Quantity/CIF Price  150,000 MT @ 178$/ MT300,000 MT @ 176$/MT600,000 MT @ 170$/MT1,200,000 MT @ 165$/MT1,500,000 MT @ 162$/MT1,800,000 MT @ 160$/MT2,400,000 MT @ 158$/MT3,000,000 MT @ 156$/MT
6,000,000 MT @ 150$/MT
For Grnular, add US$10 to price.

Payment Options:

We are offering ALL BUYERS choice of PAYMENT.

Option #1
The Buyer can pay theFULLY FUNDED value of the whole contract byTRANSFERABLE LCor by placing the total value of the contract with aTRUSTEEand Seller presents shipping documents per ship for payment.


Option #2
If the Buyer wants to purchase on aREVOLVINGmethod of payment, our company
will insist that a guarantee deposit of the total value ofONE monthshipping be in aTRUSTEEaccount for the contract length to guarantee that the Buyer will complete the whole contract term. AllTRUSTEEfees will be paid by Seller, so the Buyer has no extra cost.

If we do not present the shipping documents within one month, the funds will be
returned to Buyer.

Seller does not issue PB (Performance Bond) to Buyers.
Seller accepts to indemnify the Buyer in case of delivery default with a contractual payment based on the value of 2% of the commodity to be delivered during one month.

In some cases, we can consider PB to make Buyer LC operative.

Buyer must agree to these terms before progressing to any of the following stages.

1. Buyer provides LOI (Letter of Intent) with a BCL (Bank Comfort Letter), or a soft probe is acceptable.

2. Within 48 Hours of receipt of LOI, we issue FCO (Full Corporate Offer) and Draft Contract to Buyer.

3. Buyer signs and stamps FCO and Draft Contract and returns to Seller. Also the buyer sends a draft copy of financial instrument from a top 50 World Bank for Seller approval.

4. After agreeing any amendments will sign, stamp and return a copy of the Final Contract.

5. The Buyer issues agreed financial instrument to Seller bank and receives SWIFT POP via Buyer bank.

6. Hard copies can be exchanged and shipping can commence according to shipping schedule.

Nitrogen: 46% min;
Moisture: 0. 5% max. By method of drying,
Biuret: 1. 0% max;
Prill size: 89. 0% min;
Color: standart white;
Melting point: 132 degrees celcius,
Free ammonia: 160 pxt ppm max. ;
Granulation: 1-4 mm 90% min. ;
Radiation: certified non-radioactive; 100% free from harmful substances; free flowing, treated against caking,
Packing: New P. P. bags of 50 kgs net

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.Urea 46
Certification46% N
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C at sight
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