Trickle Bed Reactor

A trickle-bed reactor is employed to check for macrokinetic phenomena inside of catalyst-containing structured packings.
Preheated reactants are pumped on top of a mixer / distributor-element, which ensures a uniform distribution of the liquid over the entire cross section of the reactor. The liquid trickles downward through the reactive packing & is collected at the bottom of the reactor. The product stream can be collected for hold-up measurements, analyzed by gas-chromatography, or its conductivity can be measured to obtain the residence-time distribution resulting from a Dirac-pulse of a tracer fed into the feed stream.
A reactor model including all collected information plus kinetic data from a batch reactor and the heat of reaction is used to check the validity of the kinetic model under trickle-bed conditions. Since a trickle-bed reactor behaves hydrodynamically much like a distillation column at low vapor loads, the results can be used to assess the importance of macrokinetic phenomena in a reactive distillation column equipped with the same structured packing.
Salient features of our product are as follows: -
1. suitable for use in colleges & research laboratories
2. interdisciplinary training is facilitated
3. works on single phase AC power
4. silent operation, negligible vibrations
5. user friendly; easy to operate & maintain
6. no operator training required
7. compact, requires minimum table / floor space
8. low maintenance downtime & cost
9. pc-based process control with SCADA software available
10. can be hooked up to existing process control system
11. reactor design suitable for facilitating scale-up to commercial levels

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Model No.Napro
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C at sight
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