Thopy7 Liquid Ecological Fertilizer

Our patented liquid ecological fertilizer engine creates outstanding products which leave no residual chemicals in the soil and hence, do not build-up toxicity over time like many conventional fertilizers. Our machinery and formulas are marketed with an "end user agreement", similar in legal effect to buying software from microsoft. In effect, we sell you what you need to make the fertilzers, but we do not sell the formula. You are permitted to use it, only. Unlike our competitors, you may export your products if you wish. It is your machine and your product is yours to do with whatever you feel makes the most sense. Similarly, since our equipment is patented, it may not be legally copied and we have an aggressive program in place to ensure penalties for patent infringement, should it occur. Our equipment is a bargain. Just one of our machines will approximately match the entire company advertised monthly output of one of our competitiors here from Singapore. There is another place here, selling "licenses" and giving "free equipment", which you must pay well over $500, 000. 00 us dollars for, on an annual basis. Our machine and the formulas together cost a total of 200, 000. 00 euros (FOB constanta, Romania) . We do what they claim to do, but we do it better and cheaper. With us, you pay one time and you get to keep what you make, for life. With them, you pay a fortune and then you keep paying every year. Our raw materials are inexpensive and non-proprietary and we ship anywhere in the world. The machinery is capable of producing 15 metric tonnes of liquid fertilizer every 24 hours. This is 15, 000 liters. For those who use the English system and not metric, that is 3, 968. 25 gallons of product every day. If you want a discussion of what these fertilizers will bring on the market, i refer you to the web site run by our major competitior. . The guy that charges over $500, 000. 00 USD for the use of thier formulas for one (1) year. Here is their site: . Try to remember that what they offer is expensive and temporary. What we offer costs 75% less and is yours forever, once you buy. We do not offer the bottling equipment they offer. However, you will probably agree that $300, 000. 00 every year is a lot to pay for bottling equipment. We will come to your site to set up the equipment and to conduct required training. In that sense, we are at least as good as they are. What we do is very good for the environment, great for the crops you are trying to grow and even better for your bottom line. We will try to work with anyone who is serious. Please contact us today and let's get started. Partial fiancing available. Ask us about it.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.Model 1
Place Of OriginRomania
Brand NameThopy7 Fertilizer Production Assembly
Price TermsFOB Constanta, Romania EUR 200,000
Terms Of PaymentT/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C at sight
Supply AbilityUnlimited
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