Thermal Fogger

Handling characteristics

1. Working efficiency high: This machine each hour may 17 Chinese acres to 27 Chinese acres (highly and density is different), is other executes the medicine equipment several times.
2. Kills extinguishing rate high: Because it discharges without the dead angle, is attaching the strength well, characteristic and so on anti- rain wash, in addition its general diluents diesel oil itself also has certainly kills the insect effect, thus kills extinguishing rate to be high, in the big awning, the sewer, the room and so on the airtight space, the effect is good in particular.
3. Firing distance big: Regarding the fruit tree, the forest and so on the highly big work environment, its efficiency is does not have is a worthy opponent.
4. Penetrating power strong: Because is the pellet minimum smog, has the extremely high penetrating power and the penetrability. Regarding density big cotton field; Center later period wheat, paddy rice; Cane field, sorghum, corn contour stalk plant; As well as the sewer, trash and so on winding is circuitous, has the dead angle to be unable the direct With medicine place, has the very good effect.
5. Are few with the medicine, remnantly remains: Because is executes the medicine to be even, not to have the dead angle, causes to kill the extinguishing rate enhancement, reduced has executed the medicine number of times; The same level area relatively uses the dose few, therefore pesticide residue is also low. Is the green planter best choice.
6. Saves water: Because the dilution ratio is small also does not cause the water used, specially is suitable for the mountainous area, especially the loess plateau and so on lacks the water area use.
7. Safe: Because the firing distance is far, executes the medicine personnel to be possible to be far away the blowout the agricultural chemicals, when With medicine for instance to fruit tree and so on big forest, do nor worry fog whereabouts the danger which is poisoned to the person on.
8. Association effect good: Executes the medicine regarding the big awning, the spraying -odd, but also may propose the big awning temperature, the increase carbon dioxide density, has the association benefit, and has overcome other way with medicine increases the humidity the shortcoming.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.TS 35 A
Place Of OriginCHINA
Brand NameTS 35 A
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentCASH
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