Terminate : Herbal Insecticide (Bait Station)

How terminate and terminus work: Made from 100 %pure natural herbs. No toxin, no chemical, no harm human, pets, friendly environment...

There are two types of bait station used in the products including terminate and terminus.

Terminate(ingroung stations) is to measure catching termite infestation early on. The bait station is made from plastic monitoring cylinder with a flat ring cover and a tamper-resistant cap. The cylinder lies vertically inground and contains a roll of hurbs. Terminates are installed for every 1-2 meters around the property where termites may be suspected areas.

Inspection should be done for every 7 - 15 days when termite activity is detected. After that a terminate needs replace the feeding, within 3 months, termites will be stoped moving and died.

Terminus is to install aboveground bait stations, before installation, inspecter should fine out termite infestations and routes and then put terminus on those points. It can be said that, terminus is properly suit for apply directly to an existing infestations and reducing the need for traditional pesticide spote treatment.

Inspection should be done for every 7-15 days when termite activity is detected. After that a terminate needs replace the feeding, within 3 months, termites will be stoped moving and died.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.Terminate (Herbs for Eliminati termites)
Place Of OriginThailand
Brand NameTerminate
CertificationISO 1900:2000
Price TermsFOB Bangkok USD 35 (contained 1 bait)
Terms Of PaymentL/C,T/T
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