Molecular formula: C17H14ClF7O2 Chemical class: pyrethroid insecticides CAS no.: 79538-32-2 Properties: Form: colorless solid Melting point: 44.6oC Vapor pressure: 8.4mPa (20oC) Solubility in water: 0.02mg/L (20oC) Solubility in solvents: in acetone, hexane, toluene, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate
>500, methanol 263 (all in g/L, 21oC)
Stability: stable for>84 days at 50oC Toxicity: Acute oral LD50 for rats: male 22mg/kg, female 35mg/kg Acute dermal LD50 for rats: male 316mg/kg, female 177mg/kg Inhalation LC50 for rats: 0.05mg/L Slight irritation to eyes and skin Ecotoxicology: Effects on aquatic organisms: bulltrout LC50 60μg/L, bluegill sunlight 130μg/L
(96h), daphnia EC50 70μg /L (48h), algae EC50 >1.5mg/L (72h) Effects on bees: oral LD50 1880μg/bee, contact LD50 280μg/bee Effects on birds: bobwhite quail LD50 730mg/kg, mallard ducks LD50 4190mg/kg Effects on earthworms: LC50 0.32mg/kg soil Environmental fate: At normal application rates, there is no effect on soil microflora or earthworms.
Mode of action: Acts on the nervous system of insects, and disturbs the function of neurons by interaction
with the sodium channel.
Usage: Control of a wide range of soil insect pests, particularly those of the orders coleoptera,
lepidoptera, and Diptera, in maize, sugar beet, wheat and other crops, as granular
and seed treatment products.

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