Tara Powder

The tannin of Caesalpinia Tinctoria(bear the fruits called pods) has pyrogallic character. It contains practically no coloring substances therefore permits very bright and light-resistant leathers. Tara gives leather fullness and softness and at the same time a fine, closed grain. In leathers tanned with tara the grain resistance to breaking load is higher than that achieved with any other vegetable tannin.

It is well known that various plants from the Caesalpinia family bear fruits, called pods, which contain a high level of tannins. The tannin of the Caesalpinia Tinctoria or Tara from Peru has a pyrogallic character but small quantities of catechol derivatives also occur in it.

The tannin of Tara contains practically no colouring substances, and it therefore gives a very bright, light-resistant leather. In addition, Tara Powder imparts fullness and softness to the leather and a fine, closed grain which in the breaking elongation test resists a higher load than leathers which are tanned with other vegetable tannins.
Tara Powder is used in combination with other vegetable extracts for the tannage of sheep and goat skins and reptiles, and for the retannage of every kind of chrome leathers either with full or corrected grain, especially when they are to be finished in white or pastel tones.

Chrome leathers should normally be re-tanned with 4 - 7% Tara Powder, based on the shaved weight, whilst for a vegetable tannage up to 50% Tara Powder can be used in the extract mixture.

Uses: Chemicals ( Tannates, Tannic acid, Gallic acid, Pirogallic acid, Hydrolysis of noble metals ). Clarification agent in wine manufacture, Brewing and Foods, Leather and Cosmetic Industry

We export from Peru, in plastic bags of 25 and 30 kilograms.

We can provide chemical analysis.

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