Swiftlet Farming Mating Potion

CS Swiftlet Farming Mating Potions is a specifically designed and researched organic habitation liquid that emits odours similar to the odours of the Niah swiftlet caves in Sarawak, Malaysia when come into contact with humid air.
The aroma or odours emitted from the CS Swiftlet Farming Potions helps facilitate the gathering of a swiftlet colony within swiftlet farms.
This product is a supportive product to be used in combination with a reliable audio swiftlet system. Once visiting swiftlets are attracted into the swiftlet farm by the swiftlet chirps from the audio swiftlet system, the CS Swiflet Farming Mating Potion will operate to retain the visiting swiftlets in the swiftlet farm.
90% of all clinical trails conducted and audited by Ross, Jones and Partners, an approved swiftlet farming audit specialist and swiftlet farm valuation consultant, have shown an increase of around 500% of the size of the swiftlet colony and an increase of 396% of harvested edible birds nests within a 6 month period of applying the CS Swiftlet Farming Potions in the swiftlet farm.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.MS-88/MSC-87
Place Of OriginIndonesia, Thailand, Malaysia
Brand NameCrystal Swiftlets
CertificationRoss, Jones and Partners, Cert. No. 5436-7656-1121
PackagingIndustrial Factory Bottling, Secure Non-leak Cap Packing, Air-tight Efficiency and Corrugated Box Packaging
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentCASH
Supply Ability50 litres per day
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