Spray Adjuvant Apsa-80*

All - Purpose Spray Adjuvant Concentrate
APSA-80 is an all-purpose spray adjuvant that is mixed with pesticides (insecticides , fungicides and post-emergent herbicides) to control insects, disease and weeds.

APSA-80 Adjuvant provides growers with a concentrated formula that includes 80 % active ingredients. This high level of active ingredients means that a grower can cover a growing area more economically and more efficiently. The combination of concentrated formula and improved pesticide performance makes APSA-80 an excellent investment for growers seeking better yields.

Q. Is APSA-80 a fertilizer or a pesticide ?

A. APSA-80 is neither a fertilizer nor a pesticide. It is an adjuvant that, when addedto water, makes the water "wetter". When added to the water that is used to spray pesticides, APSA-80 can increase the effectiveness of the pesticides being used.

Q. How does it work?

A. APSA-80 contains surfactants that increase the wettability of the leaf surface and cause the pesticide spray to spread more evnly over crops. This improves the coverage of the pesticide and cause it to stay on the leaf . It also helps herbicides to penetrate the surface of the leaf faster and more evenly.

Q. Where can APSA-80 be used?

A. APSA-80 can be used on variety of crops/ fruits/vegetables. Some of them on which APSA-80 has been tested and proven to be effective when used on are :


* Rice

* Soyabeans

* Corn

* Wheat


* Orange

* Apple

* Grapes

* Peaches

* Mangoes

* Pears

* Bananas

* Tomatoes


* Cabbage

* Carrots

* Pea Pods

* Spinach

* Peppers

* Cauliflower

Usage Directions

The high level of concentrated active ingredients in APSA-80 Adjuvant means that very little needs to be added to water in the spray tank. As little as 5 ml of APSA-80 per 15 litres of spray solution is all that is required for most insecticides or fungicides. In all cases, carefully read and follow all directions on the labels on both the APSA-80 bottle and on all pesticide packages.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.SKU No.: 10-0949-ID
Place Of OriginINDIA
Brand NameAPSA-80*
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentD/D,CASH
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