Soybean #2

Soybean - #2 non-gmo origin: Brazil

12.500mt usd$ 296.00 sblc/BG FOB aswp
Usd$ 303.00 sblc/BG CIF aswp
Usd$ 308.00 ffdlc CIF aswp
Usd$ 313.00 dlc CIF aswp

25.000mt usd$ 281.00 sblc/BG FOB aswp
Usd$ 288.00 sblc/BG CIF aswp
Usd$ 293.00 ffdlc CIF aswp
Usd$ 298.00 dlc CIF aswp

50.000mt usd$ 271.00 sblc/BG FOB aswp
Usd$ 278.00 sblc/BG CIF aswp
Usd$ 283.00 ffdlc CIF aswp
Usd$ 288.00 dlc CIF aswp

100.000mt usd$ 256.00 sblc/BG FOB aswp
Usd$ 263.00 sblc/BG CIF aswp
Usd$ 268.00 ffdlc CIF aswp
Usd$ 273.00 dlc CIF aswp

400.000mt usd$ 224.00 sblc/BG FOB aswp
Usd$ 232.00 sblc/BG CIF aswp
Usd$ 237.00 ffdlc CIF aswp
Usd$ 242.00 dlc CIF aswp

700.000mt usd$ 219.00 sblc/BG FOB aswp
Usd$ 227.00 sblc/BG CIF aswp
Usd$ 232.00 ffdlc CIF aswp
Usd$ 237.00 dlc CIF aswp

1.000.000mt usd$ 209.00 sblc/BG FOB aswp
Usd$ 219.00 sblc/BG CIF aswp
Usd$ 224.00 ffdlc CIF aswp
Usd$ 229.00 dlc CIF aswp

2.000.000mt usd$ 206.00 sblc/BG FOB aswp
Usd$ 216.00 sblc/BG CIF aswp
Usd$ 221.00 ffdlc CIF aswp
Usd$ 226.00 dlc CIF aswp

4.000.000mt usd$ 203.00 sblc/BG FOB aswp
Usd$ 213.00 sblc/BG CIF aswp
Usd$ 218.00 ffdlc CIF aswp
Usd$ 223.00 dlc CIF aswp

6.000.000mt usd$ 201.00 sblc/BG FOB aswp
Usd$ 211.00 sblc/BG CIF aswp
Usd$ 216.00 ffdlc CIF aswp
Usd$ 221.00 dlc CIF aswp

8.000.000mt usd$ 198.00 sblc/BG FOB aswp
Usd$ 208.00 sblc/BG CIF aswp
Usd$ 213.00 ffdlc CIF aswp
Usd$ 218.00 dlc CIF aswp

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Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.Soybean #2
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C at sight
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