Silamol is soluble form of Silicic Acid. It is
Under this form that silicon is assimilated by
The plant and utilized, most effectively. This is
Most important for Agriculture as:
Bio Available Silicon.
Silicon is present in plants is almost equivalent
To macronutrient elements like calcium,
Magnesium, and phosphorus. Plant takes up
Silicon as silicic acid, the bio available form of
Silicon, which is transported to the shoot and
Surface of leaves and stems.
Silamol is a unique formulation of stabilized, highly concentrated silicic acid. Plants are always exposed to various stresses during growth and the benefits of silamol become obvious under conditions of biotic & abiotic stress caused by climatic conditions, water
Deficiency or supply or minerals. Silamol plays
A multitude or roles in plant life and crop performance.
Silamol effectively provide following benefits:
Resistance to Fungal and Nematode attack.
Resistance to insect attacks.
Resistance to Salinity stress.
Resistance to Water stress.
It is very useful in Grapes, Tomato, Onion,
Roses, Melon, French Bean, Apple, Chechory,
Paddy, Sugarcane and many crops.

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Model No.SIL
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
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