Sell Three-way Catalytic Converter

Purificant Our catalyst is coated with noble metals of Pt, Pd and Rh. When the exhaust is passing
through the three-way catalyst, CO, HC and NOx, the activity of the gas is
enhanced under high temperature. As a result, the CO would be oxidized into CO2,
the HC is turned into H2O and CO, and the NOx is deoxidized into nitrogen.
Working theory When the exhaust is passing through the exhaust pipe, CO, HC and NOx ---the three
types of gas are passing through the clarifier of the reactor in the three-way
Catalytic Converter , the activity of the gas would be enhanced, they would be under
an oxidation and deoxidization reaction. Under such a high temperature, the
CO would be oxidated into a gas without color and poison--CO2; the HC compound
would be turned into H2O and CO2; and the NOx would be deoxidated into Nitrogen.
The three nocuous gas would be turned into the non-harmful gas to purify the exhaust.
Notices 1).Let the engine maintain the good working status------the ideal A/F and safe combustion.
2).Avoid suddenly jump-starting the car using the largest accelerograph 3).The best working temperature of Catalyzer is 400 -800°C, it should not exceed
1000°C; otherwise it would accelerate the aging and shorten the life-span
of the Catalyzer .
4).If the piston is damaged, the oil would flee into the engine, that would reduce
the activity of the Catalyzer
Emission pollution and European emission standard for car. The main pollution exhaust
from car: HC, NOx, CO, PM. They are mainly let off through exhaust pipe, in
which, there are nearly 45% HC and little other pollution substance emitted by
crankcase and fuel system.
In the above pollution exhaust, CO, the half burned production of fuel, is worse
for health. HC, constituted by 200 types of elements, is the production, mostly
made by half burned and fuel vaporized action, which contains cancerous substance.

NOx, composed by chemical combination of N2 and O2 under high temperature and pressure
condition in firebox, becomes NO2 in the air, which with strong toxicity is
terrible for human being and plant, and one of main substance that form acid rain
and actinic fog.
PM, its main ingredient is carbonic smoke which with a great deal of chemical substance
comprises cancerous substance, will stay long in the lung of human after
having absorbed.
As the quantity of car increasing, the harm and danger of pollution exhaust of car
brought to the environment will be heavy increasingly, thereby, every nation and
area around the world establish the emission limits of car exhaust one after
another, in which the Eruopean standard, EU constituted, is the reference for most
of countries and areas.

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Place Of OriginChina
Brand NameBHLJ
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T in advance, irrevocable L/C at sight
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