Seaweed Compound Fertilizer (High Phosphorus & Potassium)

1. Product character: black or brown liquid, water irrigation
2. Organic matter: 100g/L
3. Effective component: humic acid ≥80g/L; N + P2O5 + K2O ≥150g/L
4. Microelement: Cu + Fe + Mn + Zn + B ≥5g/L and some other active substances

Main effects:
1. The fertilizer effectiveness gradually releases, and can full absorption by the crops for promotion growth
2. Improves the soil structure: increases soil organic nutrition ingredient, promotes root system growth
3. The phosphorus is the important constituent of ester, nucleic acid and many enzymes for plant; it has the function to promote plant growth, and enhance the photosynthesis, the promotion organic synthesis and the revolution
4. Enhances the crops' drought and cold resistance ability
5. Promotes blossom and fruit
6. Enhances the fruit quality
7. The potassium is a kind of enzyme activator, which can promote the nucleic acid and the protein synthesis, the promotion carbohydrate synthesis and the transportation
8. Enhances the plant invivo lignin, the cellulose and the starch content
9. Promotes the stem pole to be tenacious
10. Enhances the output

Application methods:
1. Water irrigation: dilute it with water for 400-500 times, root irrigation 3-5 times
2. After dilution can be used for water irrigation soil; will enhance the ground temperature, also may be used in the non-earth planting

Attention matters:
1. It is only available for water irrigation, better used in the early morning or the evening
2. Avoid the intense sunshine.
3. It is the best presently; after the dilution, use it up in the same day; if has deposit, stir equally and completely before usage
4. It can be used together with weak acid pesticide and weak alkaline pesticide
5. Store the product at the cool and dried place

Valid time: 2 years

16kg, 20kg or 250kg/barrel

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Place Of OriginChina
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T, L/C at sight
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