Sbc Bio-Fertilizer

Sbc bio-fertilizer is more than a fertilizer and a soil conditioner. 100% natural ferment with many effective microbes, it does not contain animal or human waste, and is environmentally friendly. Sbc bio fertilizer is rich in bio-organic minerals and its macro & micro nutrients are readily assimilated by plant; ideal for growing organic vegetables. Continued usage will help rebuild the energy and fertility of nature.
Benefits of sbc bio-fertilizer includes: -
1) improves desirable environment and regenerate soil microbial life which enhance plant growth.
2) slow releases of plant nutrients.
3) non-burning, stimulate seed germinations & viability.
4) soil ph balancer.
5) increases water holding capacity of soil, reduces watering.
6) improves soil physical structure, reduces artificial soil aeration work and also improves drainage.
7) help to retain water soluble inorganic fertilizer, releases them as needed and reduces leaching effect.
8) reduces artificial detaching in turf and lawn.
9) it does not only increases the protein and minerals content but also produces thicker, greener and healthier organic vegetables and food crops.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.SBC#01
Place Of OriginPulau Pinang, Malaysia
Packaging5 lt packing (~3.5 kg) 40 lt bag (~28 kg)
Price TermsFOB Penang, Malaysia USD 10 per 40lt bag; 2 per 5lt bag
Terms Of PaymentL/C,T/T,CASH
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