Rooting Powder

SF-Rooting powder is one kind of plant rooting regulator, can promote cuttage, transplant, grow seedlings, take root, increase the rate of alive, it can form root that is not steady,improve the rate of survive and quicken up renew the injured rooting when transplanting. Reach to same seedlings, stromng seedlings, grow well, advance photosynthesis, avoid flowers and fruits dropping.
Usage:*For Hard to Root Plant, mix 5 grams with 0.5-1kg water;  For common plant, mix 5 grams with with 3-8kg water; soak basal part of the cutting at the depth of 2-3cm; begin planting after 12-36 hours of soaking.*Transplant, mix 5grams with with 5-10kg water; transplant the plant after 5 minutes of root soaking.*Soaking Seedlings of Rice, Sweet Potato and Vegetables, mix 5 grams with 20-40kg of water; makes early spout of roots and robust seedling.*Soaking of Cotton Seed or Spraying of Cotton Seedling after Transplant, mix 5 grams with 100kg of water; makes early spout of roots and robust seedling.*Flowering Stage of Cotton, mix 5 grams with 50-60kg of water; once every half month; keep cotton bolls from dropping.*Flowering Stage of Watermelon and Tomato, mix 5 grams with 40-60kg of water; protect flower from dropping; promote fruit setting
Note:1. Dissolve in small quantity of hot water(50 degree), and dilute with water.2. As a highly effective product, its concentration should be strictly controlled.3. Choose the best concentration according to biological characteristics of the plants. Pay attention to the management of temperature and humidity on the nursery bed.4. Production date is on the seal. Expire after five years.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Place Of OriginChina
Packaging1kg/ foil bag, or 25kgs/ carton drum
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentL/C,T/T,Western Union
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