Pure Cedarwood Himyalan Oil

Cedarwood Himalayan Essential Oil
Botanical name: Cedrus deodora
Country of Origin: India
Method of Cultivation: Collected from wild growing trees
Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
Part extracted: Wood
Color: Pale greenish/yellow
Perfumery Note: Middle
Aroma:  Dry/woody aroma, slightly camphoraceous, smoky, balsamic. Very subtle and noble, with a hint of spice. This Cedarwood has a very spiritual, light, transcended note and many people upon first smelling this oil think they are sampling a sophisticated blend of oils.
Consistency: Liquid.
Aromatherapy properties: Milder than all other Cedarwood, yet not less beneficial. Warming, uplifting, and toning. Comforting and reviving. Considered an aphrodisiac in that it is grounding and inspiring at the same time. Confidence building. Long lasting, acts as a fixative (a fixative is a substance that binds other compounds, slowing down their evaporation and thereby making the fragrance last longer).
How to use it: Your closet should smell like Cedarwood to keep moths out this is where you want to place tissues with drops of Cedarwood (and Lavender?) and your empty Cedarwood bottles.
Please note the large selection of therapeutic blends below for diffusion and skincare applications.
Blends well with: Great in most blends, gives them a spirited note, while helping them to last longer. Blends well with the citrus oils, giving them a base note that very nicely complements them. Its a nice masculine note to add to aphrodisiac blends. Nice also with Rosemary, Chamomile, Eucalyptus and many more.

History:  Also called Tibetan Cedarwood. Popular incense ingredient, and still commonly burned in Tibetan temples (see AromaLands Himalayan Cedarwood). In former times, linen chests were frequently crafted from Cedarwood to keep moths out. To date, clothes hangers are sometimes crafted from this wood. The ancient Egyptians already used this oil, namely to embalm, for cosmetics and perfumery.
Other related AromaLand oils:
Blue Cypress This plant is not related, but a native Australian oil. It smells like a really nice Cedarwood.
Cedarwood/Atlas A nice oil and a great value.
Cedarwood/Atlas, organic   From certified organic harvest.
Cedarwood/Virginian   This oil is distilled from the wood of the Juniper tree, yet commonly finds its place in the Cedarwood family.
AromaLand products with Cedarwood Essential Oil:
- Angel, Calming, Egyptian, Forest Rain, Indulgence, Relaxing, Sacred, Sweet Embrace, Tansu Wood, Tranquillite, Bug Biter, Past Tense, Theraclear, Oily Skin and Sensitive Skin are therapeutic blends made with Cedarwood.
All three scents of the Blue Collection body care line contain Cedarwood.
Tansu wood of the Spa ZenSation line of products
Theraclear, Tranquility and Indulgence bath salts.
Hemp Glycerine Soap Tranquillite Salt Glow
Relaxing natural wax candles
Specific Safety information:  Non-toxic, non-irritant. Avoid during pregnancy, although Himalayan Cedarwood is considered the mildest of all Cedarwood.

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Our products are as follows:
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Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.CWH/EO
Place Of OriginIndia(Himalaya)
Brand NameLJP&C/07-08/CWH
PackagingFood Grade Silver Quoted Silver Alummunium Bottles.
Price TermsFOB India USD 25~100
Terms Of PaymentL/C,T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability125 Kilogram per Day
Minimum Order1 Kilogram
Delivery Lead TimeWith in 7 Days By DHL,TNT,FedEx Services.
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