Common name: Grape Seed Extract
Botanical name: Vitis vinifera L.
Parts used: Seeds
Properties & tastes: Red-brown, light aromatic, astringent
Active compounds: Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) , Grapenol etc.
Extract method: By hydro-alcohol extraction.
Specification: Proanthocyanide: 95% , Moisture: 5% , Ash: 2% , Solvent: 0. 01% , Heavy Metals: 10ppm, As: 1ppm,
Pesticides residue: Absent
1. Powerful, natural and hypoallergenic free radical scavenger and antioxidant, more potent than Vitamin E, C, or beta-carotene.
2. Reduce the incidence and risk of following diseases: heart diseases, cancer, premature aging, arthritis, hypertension, and senile dementia.
3. Crosses the blood brain barrier within minutes after ingestion to finish the central nervous system and brain with potent radical scavenging protection
4. Improve vascular strength, reduce swelling, prevent and moderate varicose veins, reduce edema and leg swelling
5. Reduce the risk of diabetes
6. Effective smooth muscle relaxant and a blood vessel expander. Improve the body immunity, reduce symptom of premenstrual syndrome and symptoms in gastric ulcers,
7. Increase the elasticity and flexibility in muscles, ligaments and tendons. Prevent skin from sun radiation,
8. Protect cells against drug, chemical and environmental pollutants toxicity

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