Power Pills Fe3

Power pill fe-3
A revolutionary New fuel conditioner
It is never been easier to protect the environment and
Save money at the same time
Increases engine power
Improves fuel economy
Reduces exhaust emissions
Acts as a lead substitute
Saves you money
In a handy tablet form, powerpill dissolves in your fuel to create a cleaner burning engine.
The benefits are clear; less exhaust smoke, increased engine power, and improved fuel economy.
Powerpill stops water and sulphur combining thus reducing sulphuric acid, which in turn reduces the carbon and carbon monoxide produced by your vehicle. This will result in longer life for your exhaust systems, oil, oil filters and spark plugs. It will further extend engine life due to less friction.
The sensational powerpill is hydrocarbon compatible. Therefore it is a fuel conditioner and not an additive that could leave a residue buildup. Developed from the space programmes rocket fuel research fe-3 was shown to be a most powerful and effective combustion catalyst.
New fuel ignites in the combustion chamber but not all is burned cleanly, and passes out the exhaust system as poisonous emissions. This is fuel that you have paid a high price for. Powerpill's superior catalytic action speeds up the combustion process, increasing power, fuel economy and reduces harmful emissions. The exclusive formulation contains a detergent which cleans the complete fuel system
Including injectors, and also lubricates to reduce engine wear. The powerpill formulation acts as a lead substitute protecting against valve recession and reducing combustion chamber carbon deposits.
Most engines are built to run on petrol with a specific octane or cetane (in the case of diesel) . The problem is as a car ages its thirst for octane increases. This is caused by the accumulation of deposits inside the engine.
Over time, this may lead to poor drivability, lack of engine response and / or power, excessive exhaust emissions, knocking and pinging. The exclusive formulation of powerpill contains detergents and
Lubricants to keep both your pistons and cylinders clean, while the powerful combustion catalyst of ferrocene enables a complete burn of your fuel so that you gain the maximum amount of energy possible.
Maximize your fuel economy and performance as well as your maintenance costs and save!
Greater exhaust and spark plug life
Prevention of valve recession
Less carbon build up
Lubrication qualities
Reduction of combustion deposits and emissions
Unlike most engine and fuel treatment products designed to treat one "problem area" only, the high-tech formulation of powerpill fe-3 performs many tasks on its own to a very high standard.
Because of this, the cost of treatment is far less than
Having to buy four or more separate products. Just one powerpill treats 60 litres of fuel-the economical product which creates even more economy!
Tests include: productivity standards board of Singapore, Hong Kong government testing laboratory, AA independent testing centre results will vary depending on age, condition of vehicle and quality of fuel used.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.Power Pills FE3
Place Of OriginMalaysia
Brand NamePower Pills FE-3
Price TermsFOB Port Klang USD 20
Terms Of PaymentT/T
Supply Ability1,000,000 packs
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