Plants Rooting Powders, Growth Promoter

Fengrun rooting powder mbt
Fengrun rooting powders mbt (made in china) are new growth promoter of universality and good effect for plants. It is a product of environmental protection. Applying for inarching and transplanting for plants, which are difficult for rooting and are rare varieties. Our products are dissolved into water easily, better than other same as the products, which can be not dissolved into water (only can be dissolved into alcohol) , which have instability and to be decompounded by light easily, which pollute the environment and which are used inconveniently etc.
Fengrun rooting powders are compounds. The compounds are composed by the activity element (which will be obtained from halobios and can catalyze the growth of plants) , multi-microelements and other nutrimental element of plants. It breaks through the localization of the traditional method, which only supplies the growing from exterior for plants. It can increase the contents of growing in the plants through enhancing the activity of enzyme and quickening the big numerators to compound, to catalyze plants (or seeds) pullulating, so the roots of plants (or seeds) can grow rapidly in a short time and the metabolism of plants can be adjusted, so that not only enhancing livability, output, quality and fastness of plants, but also it do not make any pollution for the around environment.
When the fengrun rooting powders mbt are liquefied into water with thousand times, after dipping in the liquid diluted, not only the seeds or branches of plants can germinate quickly and their livability can be enhanced obviously, but also the seedling can grow fast, so the mature period of growth can be shortened and the output of plants can be enhanced also. (the roots and branched of plants can be catalyzed to grow rapidly. The rooting powders can make the roots of plants to be stronger specially. )
Furthermore, the fengrun rooting powders mbt can control bad microbes to increase also, through irrigating for roots of plants, the propagation of the microbes and epiphytes can be controlled, so that the disease of plants can be prevented.
Packing specification: 20g / bag, 100bags / ctn
Packing material: Aluminum / plastic to compound

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.MBT
Packaging20g/bag, 100bags/ctn
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentL/C,T/T
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