Plant Growth Regulator

Humates contain valuable plant nutrition not found in chemical fertilizers. It can be utilized as soil conditioner, fertilizer and soil supplement. It reduces water needs by up to 40% . It produces higher crop yield and earlier maturity. Crops need not be rotated as frequently nor remain idle as fallow land. Humate creates healthy soil conditions and reduces the need for pesticides and insecticides. Use of Humates will correct plant and crop disease because of the availibility of inert or insoluble mineral nutrients and essential trace elements thru chelation. Botonists agree that Humates are the most important of all natural fertilizers. Humates help maintain an equitable balance of all available trace elements found on Humates themselves or in the soils to which they are applied. Practically all soils nitrogen (95% -98% ) is stored in the soils humus. The humic acids, which are the esters of humus, neutralizes alkalis to create a friable fertile soil. Humus not only improves the physical condition of soils, but also supports the soils life-ie, -soil bacteria, micro-organisms and earth worms: it also helps to stabilize the soil temperature. Organic metal must be retained in soil at high levels to maintain a living soil capable of plant production. It's that simple. Humates are a natural product and have no chemical additives. Approximately 200 lbs. Per acre are used for deficient soils, and up to 600 lbs. On completely depleted soils. After the first year, the amount of Humate needed reduces normally by 50% , and another similar reduction usually can be made the 3rd year. Over application is no way harmful as Humates in their natural form are true soil conditioners and do not in any way restrain natural build up of fertile soil.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.HM2
Place Of OriginUSA
Brand NameSuper Humate
Certificationlab reports
Packaging3ply poly bags
Price TermsFOB Houston USD $300.00 metric tonne
Terms Of PaymentL/C,T/T
Supply Abilityone million tonnes
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