Plant Growing Medium

We make the best plant growing medium, cocopeat in sri lanka. We also has developed, composted cocopeat, which is readily available to be used as the fertilized growing medium. End users of cocopeat do not have to mix any other fertilizer with this.
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Our products. -:
Cocopeat -:

1. ).650g briquettes -size 10cm x 20 cmx 5.5 cm - compressed 1:8 - yields 9
Litres cocopeat -
1610 cartons in a 40ft container - 24 briquettes in one carton -
25 tons in a 40ft container
If packed in a polythene box the price could be reduced

2. ) 5 kg bales - size 30 cms x 30 cms x 15 cms - compressed 1:5 -
Yields 70 litres cocopeat -
25 tons in a 40ft container. Packed bulk

3. ) 25 kg bales - compressed 1:2 - 15 tons in a 40ft container
In plastic bags

Coir pots.& coir hanging pots

Coir hanging baskets with coated wire parts. There are half bawls, half rounds, cone shapes etc. Generally prices for these hanging baskets are in the range between 1.00 usd to 5.00 usd. We will be packing all pots and hanging baskets in cardboard corrugated cartons

Coconut shell charcoal bbq briquettes made with coconut shell charcoal powder. Very high heat. Almost no smoke. In 2kg,3kg,5kg,10kg& 25 kg packs. Printing as per buyers choice

Weed mats.
Compressed coir mats. Coconut coir is pressed with natural rubber latex. These mats prevent un necessary weeds grow around plants. I western countries this highly used to control weeds in plantations. Produced 5mm or 10mm thickness, one meter or two meter wide,25 or 50 meter rolls.

Coconut husk chips.
Coconuts husks cut into 1/2 inch and one inch pieces, specially to grow orchids varieties and other suitable plants. At the moment in nederland's, they try this also in horse stables, and use this as a decorative around the gardens. In summer

Coir erosion mats.
Netted coir ropes. To control soil erosion.

Grow bags.
Compressed cocopeat slabs are packed and sealed in a thick polythene bags. Cut open three or four holes and pour water. The cocopeat inside the bag expands. This is very good to grow tomato, straw berries, chillies etc.

Coir ropes.
Different sizes of diameters.

Fresh coconuts.
Totally husk peeled or half peeled coconuts or whole coconuts with husks. Desiccated coconuts. Fine and medium size granules
For cakes, biscuits and food
Curled coir ropes( lingus)
These ropes are cut into small peices and used to make cushions, mattresses etc.
Coconut poonac.
For animal feed or for reextracting.
16 tons in a 20ft& 26 tons in a 40ft
Cut foliage - leaves
Assorted varietes

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.Cocopeat & Composted Cocopeat
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C at sight
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