Phosphorus Acid & Phosphonic Acid

Phosphoric acid (H3PO4) should not be confused with phosphorus acid (H3PO3). A single letter difference in the name of chemical compound can make a difference in its properties. Phosphorus acid releases the phosphonate ion (HPO3), also called phosphate, upon disassociation. Like phosphate, phosphonate is easily taken up and called translocated inside the plant. Phosphorus acid and its related compounds are often referred to as phosphonate, phosphate, and phosphonic acid. One of the breakdown products of fosetyl-Al is mono-ethyl phosphonite, which may be taken up bythe plant. Inside the plant, fosetyl-Al may ionize into phosphonate, and therefore fosetyl-Al belongs to the same group of phosphorous acid.Phosphorus acid (H3PO3) and Phosphonat. In Grapes, Tomato, Pomegrante and other market, product based on phosphorus acid products are sold. Mainly Potassium phophonate 40% or phosphonic acid 50%. We have imported technical grade 98% water soluble crystals, which we are converting in Potassium or Copper salts as formulations 40% salt. Phosphorous acid is able to incorporate resistance against downy mildew, die back, rhizome rot, root rot and damping off in many plants, such as grapes, cucurbits, tomato, tobacco, pomegranate,zinger, turmeric, cardamom, black pepper etc. This will control many economically important fungal diseases.It is recommended @ 3-4 ml/Ltr water. Just on onset of Phycomycetiesdiseases.There are some important disease against which Phosphorus Acid can builtup resistance Albugo (White rust on cruciferous plants), Aphanomyces (Rootrot), Bremia, Peranospora, Plasmopara, Pseudaperonospora, Sclerospora(Downy mildew), Pythium (Root rot and damping off), Phytophthora (Lateblight of potato and tomato, foliar blights on peppers and cucurbits, root andstem rots, quick with black pepper).Phosphoric Acid (H3PO4) Phosphoric acid or potassium salt of phosphoric acid are mainly used asfertilizer. Best 100% water soluble P source. In grape it can be used afterpruning for cane maturity. It best acid to clean drip system as it has utilityin soil. Copper salt and potassium salts are also available. Please note thatboth (Phosphonic and Phosphoric Acids) are different.

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