Pgr Combi

Different Plant Growth Regulators have different roll to play in crops. Many of them competable to each other even some are having synergistic effect and they enhance the effect of each other. We have successfully developed a best combination and
Tested last many years in different crops and found very effective cost benefit ratio.
ATCA (Acetyl thiozalide-4-carboxylic acid) + Ctyokine + Auxine. Considering properties of this combination following benefits are found in many crops.
1. Cell division is mainly achieved due to cytokine.
2. Flower initiation by Auxine and ATCA provide bud
3. Increase in fruit size and weight improvement. Quality of fruit improves.
4. Increase in biological activity.
5. Cytokine and auxine stimulates seed germination.
6. Better absorption of soil nutrients by plants.
7. Increased development of ridiculers systems.
8. Reduction of transplantation shock and better growth (anti-stress)
9. Stimulate chlorophyll formation.
10. Increase blooming duration and fruit quantity and
11. Slow down the ageing process.
12. Better resistance to high temperature conditions and parasites.
13. Longer shelf life.
We have taken at most care to formulate this combination in totally sterile buffer solution to provide maximum storage life 4-5 years. High quality preservatives and Anti oxidants are used to avoid fermentation and oxidation. Best of emulsifier is
Used to give uniform miscibility.
Suggested Crops: Cotton, Chilies, Grapes, Pomegranate, Flower crops, Jasmine, Roses, Vegetables (Tomato, Peas, Capsicum, Cabbage, Cauliflower, etc) , Cucubits, Soybean, Groundnut, Gram, Paddy, Wheat.
Dose: General dose you should recommend is 0. 5 ml in 1 Ltr water or 50 ml in 100 Ltr or 100 ml in 200 Ltr per acre. Time of application: Best time is 1st Spray just before 1st flower. Two more spray at 15-20 days interval after 1st spray. 2. 5 times concentrated above PGR Combi can be made available which can be marketed in 5 ml vial and recommended @ 5 ml one vial per tank (16 Ltr) as Daman or Pensuba. Seed Treatment Dose mix 5 ml in 10 Ltr water and soak seeds for 10-15 minutes. Hence 5 ml vial or can be introduced.

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Model No.PGR
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
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