Pesticide Surfactant (Pesticideemulsifier)

Surfactant monomer
Non-ionic emulsifier
600# series 601,602,603,604
By series by-110,, by-130, by-140
Np series np-8, np-10, np-15, np-20
Aeo series aeo-5, aeo-7, aeo-9, aeo-1

Ew appropriative accessory ingredient

Each type of the ew appropriative accessory ingredients is to process the following agricultural chemicals(ew)preparation separately.

Pesticide name e w formulation

Lambdacyholothrin 2.5%
Highly active cypermethrin 4.5%
S- fenvalerate 5%
Ethofenprox 10%
Permethrin 10.4%
Fenvalerate 20%
Fenvalerate 30%
Cyfluthrin 5.7%
Alphamethrin, abamectin 4.8%
Highly active cypermethrin, abamectin 1.7%
Clomazone 48%
Fenoxaprop 6.9%
Quizalofop-ethyl 5%
Prochloraz 25%
Prochloraz 45%
Carbosulfan 20%
Prochloraz. Shachongdan 18%
Acetochlor 40%
Chlorpyrifos 30%
Penconazole 10%
Cycloprothrin 5%
Me appropriative accessory ingredient
Meach type of the me appropriative accessory ingredients is to process the following agricultural chemicals (me) preparation separately.
Pesticide namem e formulation
Alphamethrin 4.5%
Acetamiprid 3%
Escypermethrin 5%
Alphamethrin, shachongdan 1.6%
Highly active cypermethrin, shachongdan, abamectin
Alphamethrin, acetamiprid 4.5%
Abamectin, shachongdan20%
Propoxur. Fenoxycarb 11%
Triazophos 15%
Me appropriative accessory ingredient
Wp appropriative accessory ingredient
Other pesticide appropriative accessory ingredient

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Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
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