Pesticide Adjuvants (Bio-Based)

Spray aplication is perhaps the weakest link in the chain of events a pesticide follows through it development process. Some researchers claim that upto 70 percent of the effectiveness of pesticide depends upon the effectiveness of the spray application. Adjuvants can minimise or eliminate many spray application problems associated with pesticide stability, solubility, incompatibility, suspension, foaming, drift, evaporation, volatisation, degradation, adherance, penetration, surface tension and coverage. Adjuvants are generally designed to perform specific functions including wetting, spreading, sticking, reducing evaporation, reducing volatisation, buffering, dispersing, reducing spray drift, and reduce foaming. Adjuvants currently marketed in India are formulated to perform a single specific function. This makes it tedious for the farmer to mix different adjuvants to get desired results.
OXYGEN pesticide adjuvant has been formulated to perform almost all the functions which different adjuvants perform individually.
These chemicals, also known as wetting agents & spreaders, physically alter surface tension of a spray droplet. For a pesticide to perform its function properly, spray droplet must be able to wet the foliage and spread evenly over the leaf, These increases the pesticide coverage area.
OXYGEN bio-based ADJUVANT is a anionic surfactant which works best when used with contact pesticide.
A sticker is an adjuvant that increases the adhesion of solid particles to target surfaces. These adjuvants can decrease the amount of pesticide that washes off during irrigation or rain. Stickers can also reduce evaporation of pesticide. .
OXYGEN bio-based ADJUVANT has adhesive and non-evaporating properties which helps in making it effective as sticker adjuvant.
OXYGEN bio-based ADJUVANTS have a molecular configuration that enhances penetration of pesticides into plants. This helps in protecting internal parts such as roots from pests.
Pesticides are commonly combined with liquid fertilisers or other pesticides. However, certain combinations can be physically or chemically incompatible, causing clumps and uneven distribution in the tank. Occassionally, the incompatible mixture will plug the pump and distribution lines, resulting in expensive cleanup and repairs. Oxygen bio-based ADJUVANTS has a KB solvency value which makes it a good solvent and compatibility agent.
Drift is a function of droplet size. Drops with diameters of 100 microns or less tend to drift away from targeted areas. Drift retardants or deposition aids improve on target placement of by increasing average droplet size.
The drift retardant properties help it effectively treat the platations and prevent wash away of pesticides.
Thickners are used to increase the viscocity of spray mixtures. These adjuvants are used to control drift or slow evaporation after spray have been deposited on the target area. Slowing evaporation is important when using pesticide because they penetrate plant cuticle only as long as they remain in a solution.
Some pesticie formulations will create foam or frothy head in some spray tanks. This is manily because of type of surfactant used in formulation and the agitation system of the spray tank. Formation of foam would decrease effectivenss of pesticides. So, defoamers need to be used to prevent that avoidable foam formation.
OXYGEN bio-based ADJUVANT helps in preventing foam formation and thereby increasing pesticide effectiveness.

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