Parker Neem Oil Virgin Cold Processed

Neem oil is a broad spectrum botanical insecticide, miticide and fungicide treatment derived from the seeds of the neem tree (Azadirachta indica) . Neem trees are native to South East Asia, and is grown in many countries throughout the world, including India, Burma (Myanmar) and Australia. It is also grown in the United States, mostly in Florida as an ornamental shade tree, though its commercial production for neem products is increasing in the U. S. The neem tree is a botanical relative of mahogany. Neem tree products are associated with many agricultural and medicinal uses. It is widely relied on for herbal medicine in its native countries and is used in many cosmetic and pharmaceutical products as well as pest control in homes and crops.
The neem tree produces a compound called azadirachtin which protects it from damaging insects. Azadirachtin is a tetranortriterpenoid compound which influences the hormonal system, feeding activity, reproduction and flying ability of insects. Azadirachtin has low mammalian toxicity, it degrades rapidly in the environment, and has low side effects on non-target species and beneficial insects. Seeds of the neem tree contain the highest concentration of azadirachtin. There are several products registered in Alaska containing azadirachtin, including Azatin XL, Bioneem, and Ornazin.
Neem seed oil (NSO) is composed of a complex mixture of biologically active compounds. When the natural neem oil is removed from the seeds and treated with alcohol, virtually all of the azadirachtin and related substances separate from the oil itself. The remaining oil-without the azadirachtin-is called Clarified Hydrophobic Extract of Neem Oil. Commercial products containing this extract, such as Trilogy, Triact, Rose Defense, and Greenlight Fruit, Nut & Vegetable Spray do not contain measurable amounts of azadirachtin and contain an emulsifying agent, so are not pure neem oil and may not be suitable for use on certified organic crops. Instead, use expeller expressed, cold pressed or virgin neem oil, sometimes called "raw" neem or "crude" neem oil.
More than a hundred terpenoid compounds have been identified from different parts of the neem tree. Azidirachtin is the most active of these. Several different kinds of azadirachtin have been isolated, the most abundant of which is Azadirachtin A. In most traditional preparations of neem as pesticide or medicine, a mixture of neem chemicals are present and provide the active principles.
It is non toxic to humans, birds, earthworms or animals. Being an oil it can affect some beneficial insects if it is actually sprayed on them so it is recommended to use it prior to releasing beneficials or to conduct a trial to observe its effects on the organism prior to large scale use. Once the spray has dried it will not hurt most beneficial organisms, including lady beetles, lacewings, orius bugs, and predatory mites.

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