Organic Fertilizer


Our High Grade vermicastings is a wonderful natural organic fertilizer, rich in micro organisms and nutrients. It contains 16
Types of nutrients and they are mixed at the right proportion. In our High Grade vermicastings micro organisms present 1000 times more than field soil or any other fertilizers and these micro organisms give all kinds of nutrients to the plants. Our
High Grade vermicastings not burn, has no odour.

The soil containing our High Grade vermicastings has nitrogen 5 times, phosphorus 5 times, potassium 11 times, magnicium 2
Times, calcium 2 times and octinomic 7 times higher than other field soil and farm yard manure. It maintain the ph level of soil at 7.2 to 7.5.

Benefits are, yield is increased in large volume and the output product of the plant has very tasty, colourful, harmless and
Rich inquality and seeds has higher germination capacity. The plant attains drought resistance capacity and increased disease resisting power.

Biological benefits are, improved nitrogen fixation by increased microbial activity and suppresses growth of plant pathogenic microbes and reduces nematode population in the soil and good subtract for microbial growth Chemical benefits are, maximises retention of nutrients in the soil and maintain soil ph level balanced and improve soil organic matter and improve uptake of nutrients by plants.

Our high grade vermicastings(Earthworms castings) are enriched with micronutrients, beneficial microorganisms
Panchakavya(unique liquid organic fertilizer) etc and called as "E. M. H. G. V".

This E. M. H. G. V are prepared for each and every individual crops, plants, trees. For example, if u need fertilizer for
Coconut trees, we can prepare special coconut fertilizer, which is exclusive fertilizer for coconut trees. Like that, we can prepare for any crops, plants, trees Depending upon crops, trees, plants micronutrients, beneficial micro organisms are vary.

These micronutrients and Beneficial microorganisms(b. M) are unique one. These beneficial microorganisms are multiplied
To crore times in h. G. Vermicastings and these b. M are taking nutrients from micronutrients and supplied to crops at the time
Requirment. Panchakavya (liquid organic fertilizer) act as a pestiside, control the disease creating bactria and pests. So you will get better result at the time of harvest.

Mode of packing:
We pack our product in" 25,50 KG HDPE WOVEN SACK.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.Vermi Compost
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C at sight
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