Omega Lipid Oil

As more than 10years' of experience of marketing, We have the capability to meet customers special requirements for following products:

1. Omega Products:
5-HTP 98% HPLC
10-Deacetyl Bacctin 98%; 99% HPLC
10-Camptothecin 98% HPLC
Algae Oil/Powder
Angelicae P. E. Ligustilides HPLC
Arachidonic Acid(10%,40%)
Artemisia P. E. Artemisnini99% UV
Astragulus P. E. Astragaloside0.2%; 0.4% HPLC, Polysaccharides16%; 70% UV
Artemisnini(Artemisia P. E. ) 99% UV
Baicalin 95% HPLC
Bilberry P. E. Anthocyanidins25% HPLC
Concentrated Fish Oil(DHA+EPA) with kinds of specCamptothecin 98% HPLC
Centella AsiaticaP. E. Asiaticoside20%; 36%; 44% HPLC, Triterpenic Genines 54%; 64%
Citrus Aurantium P. E. Synephrine4%; 6%; 8%; 10%; 30% HPLC
Echinacea P. E. Total Polyphenolic4% UV, Chicoric Acid2% HPLC
Epimdium P. E. Icariin10%; 15%; 20%; 30%; 40% HPLC
Fo-Ti P. E Anthraquinone1.5% U
Ginger P. E.6-Gingerols5% HPLC
Ginkgo Biloba Leaf P. E. Ginkgoflavones24%; 30% HPLC, Terpenlactone6%; 8%
Ginseng P. E. Ginsenosides40%; 60%;80%;90% HPLC
Grape Seed P. E. Proanthocyanidins95%; 98% UV
Green Tea P. E. Tea Polyphenols40%;50%;80%;98% UV, Catechinas30%; 50%;75%; 80% HPLC
Gynostemma Pentaphyllum P. E. Gypenoside80%; 98% HPLC
Huperzine A 99% HPLC
Hawthorn P. E. Vitexin-2 -o-rhyperoside 2% HPLC
Horstail P. E. Silica acid7% HPLC
Huperzia Serrate P. E. Huperzine A5% HPLC
Maitakemushroom P.. E Polysaccharides10% UV
Milk Thistle P. E. Silymarine75%; 80% HPLC
Magoliabark P. E. Honokiol90% HPLC
Paclitaxel 99% HPLC
Puerarin 97% HPLC
Quercetin 98% HPLC
Pine Bark P. E. Proanthocyanidins90%; 95% HPLC
Polygonum Cuspidatum P. E. Resveratrols10%; 20%; 40%; 80% HPLC
Puerariae Root P. E. Isoflavone40%~97% HPLC
Red Clover P. E. Biochanins20% HPLC
Tribula Terrestris P. E. Saponin20%; 40% UV
Valerian P. E. Valerianic Acid0.8% HPLC

2. Agriculture Fertilizer
3. Plant Growth Related Agent

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.DPA-01
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C at sight
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