NPK Water Soluble Fertilizer For Oil Palm

Effort to increase the yield of oil palm have been centred round the use of good oil palm varieties, improving the cultivation technique and post harvest treatment. However fertilizers also play a significant role in improving the harvest. Until recently, the fertilizer used were those of inorganic type given through the soil. Unfortunately prolong usage of such inorganic fertilizers would result in the hardening of the soil and damage the root systems leading to the poor nutrient uptake capability of the oil palm trees. It also allows rapid weed growth and requires a higher cost for undergrowth control. The application of fertilizers through the soil is also less efficient because it requires rainwater to dissolve it. It is also easily vaporized and bonded to soil particles.
Highgrow Power Plus is a specially formulated NPK (10: 18: 35) water soluble fertilizer for oil palm trees use. It is the alternative which had been proven to yield extra-ordinary results by supplying oil palm trees with their total macronutrients and micronutrients requirement. It promotes early fruiting of the trees and development of healthy fruits. Fruits of the trees applied with Highgrow Power Plus have also been shown to be heavier and yield a significant increase in oil content. These have resulted in an all round improvement in quantity and quality of the harvest. At the same time it revitalizes the soil that had been damaged by the prolong use of inorganic fertilizers.
Highgrow Power Plus comes in 2 parts, a crystallized powder and a liquid. Highgrow Power Plus powder contains essential elements: N, P, K, Mg, S, Bo, Cu. Mn. Zn and Mo which is in various form of organic and inorganic fertilizers. The Highgrow Power Plus liquid contains a formulation of Aminophenol. Fulvic Acid and 5-Nitrogualacol Sodium. The combination of Highgrow Power Plus powder and liquid formulation provides a complete macronutrients and micronutrients supply for the oil palm trees which can be quickly and effectively absorbed by the oil palm trees. This prevents leaching by rain water. Beside enhancing the results of photosynthesis, it will also restores depleted soil, improved soil aeration and water permeability, leading to the strengthening and improvement of the root development. 1kg of HighGrow Power Plus which cost as low as USD30 (US Dollars Thirty) can be applied on 1 ha (135 trees) of Palm Oil Plantation

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.NF-WS
Place Of OriginMalaysia
Brand NameHighgrow
Packaging1kg pack/ 16 pack per carton
Price TermsFOB Any West Malaysia Port USD 30/kg
Terms Of PaymentT/T,CASH
Supply Ability2,000,000kg
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