New Type Plant Growth Promoter - Da-6

New type plant growth promoter
Da-feng-li(da-6) is a new plant growth regulator being developed by the Xiamen university, department of chemistry and Xiamen dafengli chemical industry co. Ltd.
Da-feng-li(da-6) is a plant growth promoter, it can be increase yield by a big margin, at the same time, improve guilty of agricultural product. It has also as accelerators for pigment formation by plant.
Da-feng-li(da-6) is applicable to crops, fruit tree and flowers or ornamental plants.
1. Name, component and property
Trade name: De-feng-bao; da-feng-li
Chemical name: Diethylaminoethyl alkanoate, organic acid salt.
Experimental code: Da-6
Molecular formula: C12h26no2c6h8o7
Structural formula: Rco2ch2ch2net2c6h8o7
Molecular weight:407
Cas no: [220439-24-7]
Appearance: White or yellowish fine granules,
Solubility: Easily soluble in water, slight soluble in ethanol, but insoluble in benzene or chloroform.
Stability: Stable at room temperature, but unstable in alkaline solution.
Toxicity: Da-feng-li(da-6) is very low acute toxicity to mammals;
Ld50 = 8633-16570 mg/KG (rat)
It is non-irritant to the skin or eye of the rat and rabbit;it is of non-toxicity to fish and bird. Da-feng-li(da-6) in the laboratorial test showed do not carcinogenesis, mutagens and non-teratogeny.
2. Concentration and result of application
Concentration:10-20 ppm
Result: Extensive field trials with da-feng-li, have show yield increases of 10-20% in paddy,10-22% in wheat,15-20% in maize,15-20% in groundnuts.
The foliar application of da-feng-li (da-6) on vegetable (ipomoeea raptans, Chinese cabbage, carrot, celery, coriander, garlic, cucumis, tomato etc. ) gave substantial increases in yield.

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