Neem & Karanj Oil Based Botanical Pesticide 'NICONEEM'


Chemical Composition:
Nico Neem is an oil-based emulsified concentrate formulation(100% EC) consisting
of Neem oil obtained from Azadirachta Indica seeds, karanj oil obtained from Pongamia
Glabra seeds and surfactant/emulsifier.The insecticidal action is due to the
presence of several Neem limonoids of which azadirechtin is most important. Azadirachtin
concentration is maintained at a level of ~ 500ppm in the formulation.
Mode of Action
A very wide spectrum of phytophagous insect pests are likely to be affected by this
neem formulation.The formulation controls the pest population by triple action
activity of feeding deterrency,oviposition inhibition and insect growth regulatory
activity of neem based bio-chemicals which act both as " Contact " and as "Systemic
manner. Bio-Chemicals from karanj oil,Pongamol and Karanjin,generally act synergestically.
Nico Neem is effective against sucking insects like aphids,leaf hopper,mealy bugs,white
fly,thrips etc and chewing insects like stem borer,fruit borer,capsule borer,caterpillar
Nico Neem gives best result when used as preventive.Monitor the field continously
for pest's attact.When the population is low or the damage system just begin to
appear,apply Nico Neem spray.Spray is generally effective for fifteen days.
Mode of Application.
The emulsifiable concetrate can easily be diluted with water to make a slurry of
colloidal suspension which should be sprayed on the crop. 5 ml of this formulation
should be diluted to 1 ltr with water(Corresponding azadirachtin dilution is ~ 5
Depending upon canopy development, 400-600 ltr of this colloidal suspension is sprayed
on the crop of one hactre area.
Other Points
Nico Neem is nontoxic to beneficial and non-target organisms; generally compatible
with chemical pesticide( unless it is highly acidic or highly alkaline ) so as
to provide complimentary activity in Integrated Pest Management (IPM); leaves no
residue in soil, crop or environment (highly biodegradable).Thus it is truely

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Model No.P.S -1
Place Of OriginINDIA
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C at sight
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