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Pioneer introduces farming community worldwide environmental friendly, non-toxic natural products for plant protection and growth for organic farming. The project envisages creating facilities right from the initial stage herbs to extract, manufacture and market finished products with installed capacity of 5000MT. Our product are accepted and under field trial and products registration in countries like U. S. A., Taiwan, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain etc.. Equivalent products to NeemHit are already registered in U. S. A. (since 1992) and numbers of European countries. U. S. A. Enviornmental Protection Agency (E. P. A) , organic input by IMO Switzerland.
World Wide Research on Neem
Pioneer's range of Environment Friendly products for horticulture, agriculture, floriculture, home garden and organic farming
Environment friendly, non toxic, completely biodegradable, natural product with comprehensive insect-pest control properties effective on more than 300 types of insect-pest based on Neem (Azadirachta Indica) . Neemhit is for diverse biological effects such as insecticidal, antifeedant, repellant, nematicidal, antibecteria, antifungal, antiviral, oviposition and deterrent. What is NeemHit The Neem is being heralded as a tree for solving global problems by the U. S. Department of agricultural. Equivalent products to NeemHit are already registered in U. S. A. (since 1992) and numbers of European countries.
Kuber is natural Photosynthesis enhancer. Kuber is highly effective Natural Plant Growth Promoter, derived from agricultural raw material based on Tricontanol. Technically, it is a mixture of long chain high molecular weight fatty alcohols with carbon atoms and sterols. It helps supplement the potency of various fertilizer and micronutrients embedded in soil. Kuber helps unlock Nature's storehouse of nutrients and stimulates following growth response in different crop.
What is Kuber
A) Increase in flowers and fruiting body.
B) Increase in yield, height of plants and weight in dry matter.
C) Earlier and stronger tillering, greener and broader leaves, with increase photosynthesis.
D) Increase in nitrogen assimilation.
E) Longer and better spread of roots.
Neem extract
Neem Technical
Neem Technical is a manufacturing use product (MUP) as it's active ingredients and other bioactive limonoid fractions of neem seed kernels. The product is the most bioactive extract of neem due to its versatile and unique extraction technology.
Highest stability of the product is a supreme R& D invention. Low impurities of Neem Technical make it as best quality product anywhere in the world.
Chemical Composition
A. I: 10-15% w / w min.
Other limonoids & compounds of Neem origin: 55-60% w / w

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