Natural Pyrethrin Ec Insecticide

Natural pyrethrin ec insecticide
Specification:1.5% ec,5% ec

Pyrethrins are nature pesticide produced by certain species of the chrysanthemum plant, the latin name chrysanthemun cinerariifolium bocc. Two pyrethrins are most prominent, pyrethrins I and pyrethrins II, the pyrethrins have another four different active ingredients, cinerin I and II, jasmolin I and II. The natural pyrethrins are contact poisons which quickly penetrate the nerve system of the insect. It's a broad spectrum insecticide, and recommended as the safest pesticide in the world.
Pyrethrins are a contact insecticide accacking the nervous system of insects almost immediately and causing knockdown, soon followed by kill. The structure of the molecule is so complex that insect resistance to pyrethrins is not a practical problem. It has a wider spectrum of activity against insect species than many single insecticides. So it can be used against any insect found in the house or garden, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, aphids, ants and so on... Besides pyrethrins are a powerful insect repellent which in combination with its low mammalian toxicity favors it in many applications.
It's low toxicity to warm-blooded animals but strong contacl toxicity to all kinds of insects. The ld50 value is 2124-2416 mg/KG. Pyrethrins are a degraded by the combination of sunlight and air and therefore present little of the hazards which are usually associated with other classer of persistent insecticide.
Pyrethrin ester has some unique advantages as follows in comparison with other synthetics:1)pyrethrins can be degraded in mammalian by enzymes. So it won't accumulate and has no toxicity to warm-blooded animals; 2) pyrethrins comes from the nature, thus decomposable in nature, having no pollution to the environments; 3) pyrethrins is a pesticide of great efficiency and broad spectrum therefore in a low concentration it can kill nearly all the agricultural pests as well as common pests such as flies, mosquitoes, fleas, and roaches etc, in contact; 4) there are 6 components in pyrethrins which are difficult recognized by the target pests. Pests are difficult to develop resistance to them. So pyrethreins is renowned as the most reliable and efficient natural pesticide in the world.

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