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Jindo Lycium chinense Mill
Name of Products: Oak-Mushroom
1. Descriptions: Mushroom contains 18 kinds of amino acid, 7 of which are human required.
It can fight for cancer and defend virus as well.
2. Specifications: as following. OEM base available.
3. Packing: Cartons
4. Quantity per container: It depending on carons.
5. Supply Ability: 20 Ton per Month
6. Payment Terms: T/ T in advance
7. Lead Time: One week after receipt of Payment
Shiitake mushrooms (or Oak mushrooms) are regarded as one of the herbs of eternal youth. It has nutritive value, facilitates circulation and prevents corpulence, hypertension, diabetes and arteriosclerosis. And it has a remarkable ability in reducing of cancer cells. It is also a heath food which contains many kinds of minerals and low calorie fiber. We are very proud of our mushroom's unique taste and smell
Mushroom water protein fat carbohydrate lime calcium phosphorus Iron natrium carium vitaminB1 vitaminB2 naiosing
Saccharic fibroid
91. 1 gr 2. 0 gr 0. 3 gr 5. 3 gr 0. 9 gr 0. 4 gr 4 mg 26 mg 0. 4 mg 3 mg 170 mg 0. 07 mg 0. 24 mg 2. 4 mg
The origin of Gugija
According to a famous Korean Medical textbook (Donguibogam) , it is a very valuable medicine and has been used as a tea and wine. It is a wild plant which belongs to the eggplant species. It is thus regarded as a mysterious herb, and Qin Shi-Huang (the first emperor of Chin) used it often. There is a legend about Gugija. Once there was a village whose people lived a long lives. The secret of their longevity were the roots of Gugija which grew near the well form which the villagers darnk. Although Gugija grows in Korea, Japan, and China. Korea is the best place to grow it because of the soil and climate. Presently, 1, 500 families are cultivating about 400 tons per year at 150ha. Gugija also it has an excellent reputation for its efficacy.
Medically effective ingredients
- Bataine
Supports the liver and the stomach. Prevents hardening of the arteries, hypertension and anemia. Helps sinews and bones growth.
- Rutin
Reduces cholesterol, prevents geriatric diseases.
Reduces cholesterol, prevents geriatric diseases caused by excess albumin escpecially. Inhibitive action for prostatomegaly.
Other efficacies of Gugija
Gugija doesn't have any poison. It is known for remarkable effect in eliminating physical and mental fatigue. It's also good for backaches, and skin problems. Qin Shi-Huang sent a group of liege subjects around the world to find the herb of eternal youth. Gugija might have been the herb which the emperor had longed for.
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Model No.Kgs
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C at sight
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