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As a cost effective solution to the potential damages of low sulfur fuels, the MPG SulfRX Fuel Treatment delivers maximum performance with a minimum additive dosage. The super concentrate is formulated specifically to improve the lubricity of ultra low sulfur fuels. The additive's no-sulfur content also helps meet EPA regulations. .
New Federal clean air regulations being implemented by the EPA are requiring manufacturers of pump fuels to lower the sulfur content to in turn reduce sulfur emissions. Switching to low-sulfur fuels can aid the environment, however, using low-sulfur fuel can cause excessive engine part wear. Frequent use of low-sulfur fuels can result in accelerated wear in fuel pumps, injectors and other engine components.
MPG SulfRX Fuel Treatment contains a highly effective fuel lubricant that minimizes metal wear and extends the life of fuel system components. Adding MPG SulfRX Fuel Treatment can provide substantial savings to vehicle owners and operators by reducing maintenance and spare parts costs.
The use of MPG SulfRX Fuel Treatment promotes better fuel combustion and fuel system lubrication, which in turn provides faster ignition, reduced false detonation, reduced smoke, and improved engine efficiency. Extremely powerful high-temperature solvents and cleansing agents clean fuel lines and fuel injectors. Lubricants significantly lengthen injector and pump life and reduce ring friction which is very important for today's low-sulfur fuels.
Designed for use in all diesel and gasoline engines, MPG SulfRX Fuel Treatment contains extremely powerful lubricants, detergents, solvents, seal conditioners, fuel stabilizers and rust preventatives. Continued use of MPG SulfRX Fuel Treatment will allow the proprietary cetane improvers to boost the fuel up to 5-9 cetane numbers and additional lubricants will reduce wear in low sulfur fuel by up to 75% . This improvement in lubricity and cetane will reduce false detonation, assist starting, help reduce smoking, help prevent fuel system wear and leakage and can provide up to a 5% additional power and efficiency.
MPG SulfRX Fuel Treatment complies with the latest federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road engines, including 2007 year-model diesel engines.
USES: Specifically formulated to improve lubricity and anti-wear in all low sulfur pump fuels for road, off-road, agricultural, power and marine use.
1. Volatility: The polarity of the patent pending SulfRX molecules causes them to be attracted to one another and this intermolecular attraction requires more energy (heat) for the active agents to transfer from a liquid to a gaseous state. Therefore, at a given molecular weight or viscosity, these active agents will exhibit a lower vapor pressure which translates into a higher flash point and a lower rate of evaporation for the lubricant. Generally speaking, the more of these cross-linkages in a specific compound, the higher its flash point and the lower its volatility.
2. Lubricity: Polarity also causes the SulfRX molecules to be attracted to positively charged metal surfaces. As a result, the molecules tend to line up on the metal surface, creating a film which requires additional energy (load) to penetrate. The result is a stronger film which translates into higher lubricity and lower energy consumption in lubricant applications.
DIRECTIONS: MPG SulfRX Fuel treatment is poured directly into fuel tanks at a dose rate of 1 ounce per 18-22 gallons or 72-88 liters of fuel.
Note: When used in conjunctions with MPG-CAPS, MPG-MEGA-CAPS or MPG-BOOST, 1 oz of Sulfrx per 60 gallons (240 liters) of fuel. In this manner 8 oz of Sulfrx can treat 480 gallons, 1920 liters, of fuel.

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