Mountain Jelly Vegetable

Goodway tribute dish, is abbreviated as the tribute dish, have another name called tongue doing, loud dish, The color is green, clear and melodious, delightful, ones that sting in the plant sea claim, the lettuce belongs to. The famous and precious local product of Xuzhou, sees Yu Qin in its culture history, it takes more than 2, 200 years so far. According to legend, in lastyears of a dynasty or reign of Qin Dynasty, Zhang Liang assassinated King Qin a king had not succeeded, Sneak and hide down the residence (this residence of states) , eat the edible wild herbs, read the plain book. The tongue is clear-cut and clear and delicious among them, delightful happy stomach, plant warding off, The summer sowing is stored in winter, eat throughout the year. Liu Bang cites soldiers, Zhang Liang and next residence from Liu Bang, namely assist Liu Bang to drink with the dried vegetable of tongue. Behind the food God realize Liu Bang suddenly, Zhang Liang count, Congenial language language, it praises Zhang Liang vigorously outstanding personality tongue do supernatural dishes, It is efficacious to put the residence ground! Since then, the tongue is done and has a sudden rise in social status 205 B. C. Xiang Yu, clear overlord of the west, establishes a capital in the Peng 's (this Xuzhou) , Make palace put in order tongue wait upon, behind the every foods supernatural grand strength born Xiang Yu often by kitchen. Make common people wide and add planting then, specialize in the palace to eat, the tongue gains the name from this when being done. In the period of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty, present and the emperor, so called tribute dish. In 1958, Premier Chou En-lai observed the way residence state of Jiangsu, ate the tribute dish, loud dish called. The Ming and Qing times, tongue do do long-range one, on sale throughout Japan, The places, such as Southeast Asia, etc. The good reputation deeply Compendium of Materia Medica record, tongue do have and good for stomach, favourable water, clear to detoxify, suppress and keep fit, step down, soften the functions, such as blood vessel, etc. While being hots. Often eat, promote longevity, the tribute contains abundant protein, pectin by dish itself. Monitored the centre to examine by the national non-staple food, Should sample pair and suck many kinds of trace elements, such as vitamin, candy type, amino acid and the human body necessary calcium, iron, zinc, carrotene, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, etc. And carbohydrate, Especially E's content of vitamin is relatively high, so there is laudatory title of the natural health products, the plant nutrient, Improve looks and resist the good merchantable brands of cancer nowadays.

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