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New Arrivals

Soil Moisture Meter MC-7828SOIL

Guangzhou Landtek Instruments Co. Ltd. ,established on 2002,is one of leading professional manufacturers of measuring instruments in China. at landteknet.comSoil Moisture Meter MC-7828SOILApplications:Soil moisture is an

Digital Barcol Hardness Tester HM-934-1+

Applications: *Aluminum*Aluminum Alloys*Soft Metals*Composite Materials*Glass SteelFeatures:* A digital indentation hardness tester, is the latest design and development of our company.* Can be used for measuring not only Barcol Hardness, but also Brinell

Digital Tension Meter LTTS

Digital Tension Meter LTTS-200/500/1k/2k/5k/10k/20k/50kApplications: The LTTS Digital Tension Meter is a hand-held device which accurately measures the running as well as statictensions of a wide variety of process materials including yarns, fibers, wires,

Digital Force Gauge FM-207

Digital Force Gauge FM-207-1/2/5/10/20/50/100kApplications:The digital force gauge is a kind of simple and convenient multi-functional instrument for high-accuracy push force and pull force test. It is widely used in electronics, building hardware, etc.Fea

Ultrasonic Leakage Detector ULD-586

Ultrasonic Leakage Detector ULD-586Applications: Used for measuring Leakage of system. Applicable to detect:*Leaks in refrigeration and air condition systems*Leaks in heating system, Internal leaks in steam transfers, Compressed air leaks, Tire & tube leak

Window Tint Meter WTM-1200(separate,wireless type)

Window Tint Meter WTM-1200(separate,wireless type)Applications:Applicable to measure the transmittance or haze of all kinds of transparent, translucent samples with parallel plane. Also can be used to determine the turbidity or clarity of liquid sample.Fea

General Prepared Media Plates

General Prepared Media Plates,Clinical MicrobiologyGeneral Prepared Media Plates,Clinical Microbiology

Portable Colony Spreader/Rota-plater

Portable Colony Spreader/Rota-plater,Lab AutomationPortable Colony Spreader/Rota-plater,Lab Automation

Advanced Automated Liquid Handling System

Advanced Automated Liquid Handling System,Lab AutomationAdvanced Automated Liquid Handling System,Lab Automation

High Performance Automated Staining System/Slider

High Performance Automated Staining System/Slider Stainer,Lab AutomationHigh Performance Automated Staining System/Slider Stainer,Lab Automation

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