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New Arrivals

Outdoor Laser Rangefinder Meter

Outdoor Laser Rangefinder Meter The Laser Rangefinder Meter's mesuring distance is from 0.03m to 150m, can support distance/area/volume/pythagoras measure. If it's a good condition, outdoor application also can operate well.   Why Our Las

precise laser distance meters

The laser distance meter is precise measuring tools with high accuracy and long distance. The laser diatance meter can be used indoor and outdoor. It's widely used in many areas, specially in construction industry, thanks to the IP54 du

laser distance meter measurer

This laser distance meter measurer is a functional measuring tool and long distance can be measrured even 393feet within ±1/16 inch accuracy. Integrated functions for measure hard-to-touch areas of distance, square, volume measurement. User can

Lazer Distance Rangefinder

This Lazer Distance Rangefinder is supporting measuring long distances from 40m to 150m. That 's a leading level of all the laser ranefinders of ±1mm accuracy. Most importantly, the laser distance meter is the smallest size can be

Optical Lazer Distance Measure

Optical Lazer Distance Measure's measures distance easily up to 100 meters, and simple-to-use with one hand. Also the lazer ditance measuring tools use the high defination LCD display, clear to see the distance measurements.  Why Our Laser

Electronic Lazer Measure Tools

Laser Range Finders Measurers‎  Make our measure simply! You have to believe that no one can stop the laser rangefinder to change our life. Why not become the first mover? There's no time hesitation!If you are a retailer, why not putting our laser

Bluetooth Laser Distance Measurers

Bluetooth Laser Distance Measurers For a long time, the Bluetooth we get is from our Android phone or iPhone. It' really surprised that our new Laser Distance Measurer tools also can do that now! Good job, all right? You can output your measuring data in t

Electronic Lazer Measure Tools

Electronic Lazer Measure Tools Lazer Measure Tools is a functional and advanced measuring tools, which is the engineers' best friends. It display the measurement data in time with pushing a button. Do you know how long the distance it measure? You can not

Smart Bluetooth Laser Distance Meter

 Smart Bluetooth Laser Distance Meter The Smart Bluetooth Laser Distance Meter is a very convenient and fast to use, also it's great to design and record the measurements with Bluetooth for wireless communication with a smartphone. 

Easy Using Laser Distance Measurer

Easy Using Laser Distance MeasurerThis series laser distance measurer is very easy to measure up to 328feet but less than 1/16" accuracy. Easily use the pythagoras function of indirect measurements to measure the high building. Orderly measure the length a

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