Margosa Oil

In ANCIENT India the Neem Tree is known as the village pharmacy because of its many diverse uses. Some of its recommended uses are for treating fevers, digestive disturbances, skin problems, and general fatigue. It has been used for intestinal parasites, malaria, diabetes, fungal infections, and inflammatory diseases. We have successfully treated many of the symptoms of Lime disease with Neem. Specifically the arthritic symptoms associated with Lime disease have been shown to be dramatically reduced with the use of Neem. Neem generally can help with the treatment of most kinds of arthritic conditions. We recommend that Neem be taken with Boswell a or Joint Support to treat arthritis and joint and muscle pain. It is the herb of choice for the treatment of all sorts of skin conditions such as acne, eczema, skin rashes, and dermatitis. Neem possesses similar benefits of Echinacea & Goldenseal.

Bio Pesticide
With the resistance developed by most of the insect pests to Chemical Insecticides and contamination of environment, damage to beneficial insects and wild biota, accidental poisoning of humans and livestock by the chemical insecticides has made the International Community to look for a Natural _ Bio Pesticide, which has no impact on the Non Target pests, safe to Human and non resistance of Insect pests.??


For centuries Neem has been used in ancient India provide health cover to livestock in various forms. It has also very widely been used as animal feed. Ancient Sanskrit literature indicates that Neem applications were used by Nakul and Sahadeva in the epic of Mahabharata as well as afterwards in a large number of indigenous prescriptions and formulations


Sales Terms & Specifications:

Price TermsFOB chittagong USD 10000~100000
Terms Of PaymentL/C
Supply Ability100 Metric Ton per Month
Minimum Order10 Metric Ton
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