Lagenda Liquid Fertilizer

Lgenda is a combination of organic and inorganic fertilizer. It consist of macro elements (n, p, k), micro elements (ca, s, mg, fe, mn, b, cu, zn, and mo) which form a balanced diet for plant nutrients. Lagenda helps to maximize vigorous plant growth and high quality plant production. Lagenda is specially blended to accelerate plant harvest and produce high quality yield. Lagenda can absorb by foliar, tissue and soil without waste, thus giving an advantage during drought season.

Complete required elements & organic additives
With lagenda, we offer to our clients no less than 13 elements and 3 organic additives in all our products. A certificate of analysis is available for verification upon request. Below is a list of elements and organic additives.

Elements (ph 6.5 - after dilution)
Nitrogen (n) - 15% w/v
Phosphorus (p) - 10% w/v
Potassium (k) - 22% w/v
Magnesium (mg) - 2.5% w/v
Calcium (ca) - 1183mg/ltr
Sulfur (s) - 855mg/ltr
Boron (b) - 515mg/ltr
Copper (cu) - 350mg/ltr
Iron (fe) - 485mg/ltr
Manganese (mn) - 300mg/ltr
Molybdenum (mo) - 5mg/ltr
Zinc (zn) - 465mg/ltr
Silicon (si)

Organic additives
Amino acid solid
Humid acid

We vouch for our standard of uniformity (with variance of +/- 10%) for the concentration make up of our products.

Cost saving analysis
With the thumbing prices of palm oil and other commodity sectors, plantation will no doubt begin stringent budget controls. Rest assured that lagenda is not only effective but extremely price competitive. Below is the cost savings analysis for your perusal. It is arrived based on the following prevailing market trends for palm oil plantations in malaysia.

An acre has an estimate of 55 trees
Price is subject to prevailing prices
Lagenda liquid fertilizers are packed in 4 liter bottles
Commercial solid fertilizers are packed in 50kg packets
Each liter of lagenda can cover 0.50 acres of plantation
2 x 50kg of solid fertilizers can cover 1 acre of plantation

Based on malaysia retail price for solid fertilizer versus lagenda liquid fertilizer, there's easily 37% saving found per acre when using lagenda.

Own company label can be arranged at a minimal cost.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Place Of OriginMALAYSIA
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentL/C
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