Kadostim Fertilizer

A high-tech soluble liquid nutrient, of rapid absorption (90% in within 7 hours) via leaves or roots (through ground application) . Tests have shown that the active ingredients are fully incorporated in the metabolism of the plant within 46 hours.
Active ingredients & nutrients
Synthesized amino acids and oligo-peptides of low molecular weight, with added potassium.
Npk and microelement analysis using oficcial mapa methods
Results guaranteed
Potassium k2 6. 00% 6. 00%
Zinc 0. 08% 0. 09%
Iron 0. 11% 0. 12%
Copper 0. 09% 0. 08%
Manganese 0. 08% 0. 09%
Density 1. 11
Analysis for content of amino acids
Hydroxyproline 11. 3%
Aspartic acid 5. 7%
Threonine 1. 8%
Serine 3. 9%
Proline 13. 4%
Glutamic acid 9. 6%
Glycine 20. 2%
Alanine 8. 4%
Arginine 11. 7%
Methionine 0. 6%
Isoleucine 1. 3%
Leucine 2. 6%
Tyrosine 0. 9%
Phenylalanine 2. 2%
Lysine 3. 3%
Histidine 0. 9%
Valine 2. 0%
Metabolic regulator and booster and stress reliever:
Saving energy by providing the cell with biologically active free amino-acids at no cost to the plant that are readily incorporated into the plants biosynthesis processes.
Increasing the overall metabolic rate (between 130% -330% ) by increasing m-rna synthesis i. E. The rate at which the plant accesses its own genetic information.
Increases the biological activity of other active materials applied simultaneously as well as increasing the absorption rate of nutrients applied through fertilization via irrigation or in the soil through the improved function of the root system. The increased biological activity generally leads to substantial reductions in doses of these other active materials.
The added potassium:
Promotes fruit setting and fruit development, as well as development of storage organs. Provide stress relief from dry spells.
Foliar: 1 litre / ha.
Ground: 1-3 litre / ha.
All of inagropars products are non toxic and therefore do not require any particular precautions. Kadostim is compatible with all other type of products such as phyto-sanitary products, fertilizers, hormones and correctors facilitating their penetration and biological activity leading to considerable savings through dose reductions of these latter products.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.Kadostim
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C at sight
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