JES 2-WAY Car Alarm Security System


Vortex 5200-J keeps most of the functions from 7200-J, except for engine starter and functions related with it.
VORTEX is the fruit of our long year technological development. Various functions will allow you to have security, comfortable, and enjoyable car life.
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Functions are as follows:
1) 2-way Transmitter
2) 1-way Remote Control (option)
3) Backup Siren
4) Status LED
5) Dual Shock Sensor
6) Door Sensor
7) Ignition ON sensor
8) Tilt Sensor (Option)
9) Hood Sensor (Option: must have pin installed)
10) Trunk Sensor
11) Foot Brake Sensor
12) Option Sensor
13) Starter Kill (w/Relay)
14) Panic Mode: Siren can be triggered intentionally
15) Light Flash (w/Relay)
16) Light Flash:ON/OFF
17) Siren Time Selection:(15/30/60/90sec/OFF)
18) Memory Function: If system senses unusual activities, will notify with number of chirp sound when disarm
19) Siren Stopping: Siren can be stopped without disarming
20) Shut Down: System can be disarmed even in case of lost or stolen remote
21) Shock Sensor Cancellation: Shock sensor can be cancelled as request, when arming the system
22) Shock Sensor:ON/OFF
24) Silent Mode: Arm/disarm without chirp sound
25) Chirp Sound:ON/OFF
26) Re-lock Function: Auto rearm/relock after 30 sec, if door kept closed
27) Passive Arming: Auto arm after 30 sec from closing doors
28) Passive Door Lock: Auto door lock after 30 sec from closing doors
29) System Valet Mode: All functions are cancelled except door interlock/aux output/panic mode/light flash
30) Sensor Report: Records 10 events of sensor report
31) LED Report: LED blinks in high speed if sensor detected
32) System Check: Checks communication range by remote
33) Option Sensor:ON/OFF
34) Ajar Detector: Chirp sound will notify incase door is not closed
35) Door Lock Output (w/Relay): Door lock/unlock will be linked with systems arm/disarm
36) IG Door Interlock: Door lock/unlock can be linked with IG ON/OFF.
37) Dome Light Setting: Dome light can be set to turn ON when disarm
38) Trunk Open: Opens trunk by remote
39) Auxiliary Output: Controls connected auziliary accessories by remote
40) Clock Display
41) Alarm Function: Beep sound alarms at set time
42) Beep Sound Setting:(High/Low)
43) Low Battery Alarm: Beep sound with low battery display for reminder
44) Button Lock
45) Vibration
46) Temperature Display: Displays vehicle inner temperature
47) Vehicle Finder: Useful to find location of vehicle
48) Parking Timer: Displays parked time.
49) Remote Start/Turbo Timer Combo: Compatible to vehicles with engine start/turbo timer

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.VORTEX 5200-J
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C at sight
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