Japanese Organic Fertilizer

I. Product Identification
Product: Organic Fertilizer
Size : Granular: 2 to 5 mm
Color : Brown
N-P-K Content: 12: 15: 6
Stability: Stable
DOT Shipping name: Non-Hazardous Dry Freight
Locality: Produced from layer chicken dropping and well matured with long fermentation process. Suitable for used as organic fertilizer.
Element Percent Symbol
Nitrogen 3. 85-4. 30% N
Phosphorus 4. 11-5. 32% P
Potassium 2. 50-2. 65% K
Calcium 6. 40-8. 00% Ca
Organic matter 31. 74-39. 68%
Water / Moisture 11. 80-21. 60% H2O
PH 6. 70-9. 00
Packing: 15 KG / 25 KG / 50Kg perbags
Minimum Order: 20 tonnes (20 foot container)

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.Organic
Place Of OriginMalaysia
Brand NameOrganic Fertilizer
CertificationMalaysia DOE
PackagingPacking : 15 Kg/25 Kg/50Kg perbags(plastics bag) Minimum Order : 20 tonnes(20 foot container)
Price TermsFOB 300 USD 300
Terms Of PaymentL/C,T/T,CASH
Supply Ability10000 tonnes permonth
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