Irrigation Control

NUTEKA is an exporting consortium formed by a group of leading companies from the agricultural technology sector, joined up after the success shown in a number of projects carried out together worldwide.
Therefore, NUTEKA is a specialist in Ready-to-work projects: A set of highly-personalised integrated services which include a series of technical and specific factors that are ideal for each land surface. So we offer integral projects that meet our client's needs and preparation of land for agricultural use.

We can offer:

-Nutritec system:

The Nutritec system helps the grower to optimise fertilisation and irrigation, measuring the ideal quantity of water and fertilisers, thanks to the use of the latest advances in electronic equipment.
Nutritec is made up of a control panel and valve units, which are connected to a water supply and different fertiliser deposits.

By means of this panel, it is possible to store the different programme settings in the memory, which allow the system to distribute various products automatically at the right time and in the right amounts according to the user's requirements or according to the crops. Therefore, another innovative element is necessary: External sensors which allow the system to analyse and interpret the condition of the plant, making it possible to readjust the previously programmed parameters automatically according to the needs of the moment.

All our Nutritec models (9.000,9.000L y 9.000SL) optimize the installation, guaranteeing the utmost efficiency, maximising the yield and minimising the costs and resources needed.

* System for injection by impulse pump.

*Water-spray pump injection.

-Hufitec system:

It is the RiTec equipment which evenly distributes all of the phytosanitary and preventative products to the plants.
An effective system of automatic air and liquid valves that allows the Hufitec system to provide a better distribution and efficiency of the applied products, reaching all the corners of the cultivated area with the correct amount of product.

-Clinvertec system:

The Clinvertec system allows all of the elements of environmental control to be automated, such as windows, heating, ventilation, thermal screens and shade, humidity equipment, etc. And adapt them to the best conditions for each type of cultivation. To achieve this, a set of sensors sends precise information to a computer about the current level of humidity, temperature, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, level of CO2, etc.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.Nutritec, Hufitec, Clinvertec
Place Of Originspain
Brand Namenuteka
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentL/C
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