1) Plant source: chicory
2) Specification: inulin 50%, 90%
3) Description:
a) As a fructan and storage carbohydrate, inulin belongs to a group of naturally-
occurring carbohydrates containing non-digestible fructooligosaccharides
b) The nutrition and food industry refer to inulin as FOS
c) It is a plant starch
d) Because of its presumed health benefits, it is used as a food ingredient in a
variety of processed foods
e) The key reasons inulin is used in processed foods are for fat replacement and
fiber enrichment
f) As a fat replacement, it improves the taste, texture, and mouth feel of reduced-
fat and fat-free dairy products
g) Cereal-based products such as cakes, bread, and breakfast cereals exhibit
improved structure and crispness
4) Function:
a) Helps to improve mineral absorption and balance
b) Lowers fasting blood sugar
c) Oligofructose, a hydrolysate of inulin, not only improves texture and mouth
feel but also enhances taste and fruit flavors when used in low fat yogurt in
combination with high-intensity sweeteners
d) It is also used in healthy dairy drinks to improve fiber content
e) Significantly increases the number if beneficial bacteria such as befidobacteria
f) Regulates the intestinal balance
g) Effectively inhibits harmful bacteria, reducing the production of toxins
h) Improves immunity
i) Stimulates digestion and absorption
j) Helps bowel movement and prevents constipation
k) Increases the absorption of some useful minerals such as calcium, zine and iron
l) Low effect on blood glucose level and reduces cholesterol
m) Improves fat metabilish
n) Low caloric value
o) Non-cariogenic, not cause dental decay
p) Soluble dietary fiber and highly unabsorbable to human
5) Suggested application:
a) Dairy Product: milk powder, milk tablet, yogurt and fresh milk
b) Infant food: infant milk powder, cereal, formular milk powder and fruit paste
c) Nutraceutical product: tablet, condensed, health tea, slimming tea and oral
d) Pharmaceutical: tablet, capsule, specially recommended for Chinese medicine
e) Beverage: mineral water, athletic drinks, yoghurt, sold drinks, juice and tea
f) Wine: health wine, white wine, yellow wine, clear wine, beer and red wine
g) Others: cakes, biscuits, candy, jelly, ice-cream and chocolate

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