Hot!!!!GPS+GSM car alarm system(F-900G)

 1) Car owner can monitor cars in real timeCar owner can directly monitor everything in the car, including sounds of people talking, noises of damage, etc after inputting password. He/she can provide information to guard the car against theft and ask for help without anyone knowing it.2) Short messages will be sent to car owners mobile phone and the center if the car is shocked gently and illegally.If the car is shocked gently, for example, external shock, collision, drag and tow, hit etc, short messages will be sent by the system to the first alarm number (namely the car owners mobile phone number). Car owner will receive them in about 5 seconds so that he/she can deal with the situation in time.3) Users get informed if the car is open illegallySystem will automatically give alarms to the assigned alarm telephone if car doors are open illegally (not open by remote control). It will tell everything to the person who answers the phone whether it is shocked or car doors are open illegally.4) Alarms will be given to the center if the door is illegally open .System will automatically give alarms to the assigned central telephone to tell everything about it, whether the car is shocked or the door is illegally open (not by remote control)5) Alarms will be given to users when the car is dragged or towed illegallyCars are shocked terribly, for example, hit with hostility, hit by things dropping from high places, dragged and towed, bumped terribly with hostility, etc. system will give alarms to the assigned alarm telephone, after which the owner can monitor the car or deal with the situation with other ways in time.6) Car owner can control the car remotely to cut off power and gas supply. If the car or the person in the car is in danger, if necessary, telephones are used to control it remotely to cut off power and gas supply. The car will be power off slowly or can not start.7) Long-distance network of the center can remotely control the car to cut off power and gas supplyIf the car or the person in the car is in danger, if necessary, the center can remotely control the car to cut off power and gas supply. The car will be power off slowly or it can not start.8) Emergency buttonWhen the car owner or the person in the car is in emergent situation, for example, car robbery, robbery in the car etc, drivers can press the emergency button set in a hidden place, then system will automatically send information to the alarming center that will immediately send it to the emergent contact person car owner assigned for quick settlement.9) Car owners can exactly position the car with GPS.Car owner can send short messages or call monitor center at any time to position the car. Information received can be: your car is on XX road, near XX hotel, orientation XX meters, precision 25*25 meters. The time interval between the position information sent and received is about 10 seconds.10) Car owner can test the speed of the car with short messages in real time.(The Monitoring software support is necessary.)Car owner can set a maximum speed for the car. System will send short messages to his/ her mobile phone to tell him/her the maximum speed and the present speed if the car exceeds the set speed.11) Center control the management if the car is over speed and crosses the boundary (The Monitoring software support is necessary.)Car owner can tell the center to set an area for the car. If the car crossed the area, short messages will be sent to the assigned telephone number (the owners) to tell the owner about it.12) Car owner control the car to emit sounds and lights to give alarms.(The Monitoring software support is necessary.)There are a lot of places do not allow car owner to turn on the alarm because of the restriction from various administrative provisions. So if the owner receives alarm telephone and confirm that the car is being attacked, he/she can use telephone to turn on the audible (from horns) and visual (from lights) alarm function, thus terrifying the thief effectively.13) Remote control the central control lock.Remote control can match with the products to achieve alarm activation, alarm disarmament, etc.14) Brake and lockIn the process of every open the door close the doordrive the car, system will automatically lock the car when first brake. If the car doors are not close suitably, turn signal will remind the owner. The key is in the OFF place when the car is power off, the car door will automatically open, which will make you and your drive safer. Robbers never ever have a chance at all.15) Lock and unlock the door with telephoneTelephones of the car owner can be set to open and close the door, set and disarm guard. (Need SIM card to support the display function of calling numbers)16) Check cars over the internet.No matter where your car is, no matter what the time is, as long as there is a place for you to surf the internet, you can check your car on our carefully designed car checking system: input your user name and your vehicle card number, you can check the exact position of your car.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.F-900G
Place Of OriginChina
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T,Western Union
Supply Ability10000 Set/Sets per Month
Minimum Order100 Set/Sets
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