Guarana Extract

The guarana plant (written guaraná in Portuguese and pronounced gwa-rah-naa) hails from Venezuela and the northern parts of Brazil. For millennium, Native American tribes of South America like the Guarani, from which guarana derives its name, have relied on this plant for its unique properties. These peoples used the nut of this plant as a tonic, curing ailments such as digestive problems, loss of appetite, and low energy levels. Although there are many claims made about guaranas magical properties, not all unanimously accepted by science. However, the one property that is universally agreed upon is the seeds stimulating effect. Having the chemical guaranine, which is almost identical in composition to caffeine, guarana energizes the system, increasing mental activity and awareness. Guarana also has a ready supply of theobromine, most commonly found in dark chocolate. It works as a mood enhancer, having mild anti-depressant capabilities. Theobromine also is a bronchial dilator. It opens air pathways in the lungs, increasing oxygen uptake, which directly effects endurance, strength, and performance. Studies have shown that when compared to coffee, guaranas effect is longer lasting with lesser or no side effects. They attribute this to guaranas more complex molecule, which is absorbed into the bloodstream at a slower rate.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.1007
Place Of OriginBrazil
Brand NameNeimo
Packaging20 L pail, 200 L, 1 Liter PET bottles
Price TermsFOB Belem USD 11.00~13.00
Terms Of PaymentL/C
Supply Ability1000 Kilogram per Week
Minimum Order1000 Kilogram
Delivery Lead Time1 month
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